Where to Set Up Your Grass Pad for Dogs

by Jamie Tedder on Jan 30, 2024


Grass pads, pee pads, potty pads, puppy pads—however you prefer to call them, using fresh grass as your dog's bathroom has emerged as convenient, mess-free, and sustainable solution for instilling good potty training habits in your furry friend.

The arrival of your fresh dog potty grass signifies a positive change in your bathroom breaks. Whether you're training a new pup, living in a high-rise apartment or a condominium without convenient outdoor access, caring for small dogs with smaller bladders or older dogs with limited mobility, or seeking an alternative during inclement weather, it checks all the criteria for the ideal potty solution.

But first-time Gotta Go Grass pad users ask, where should you place your grass potty pad for dogs?


Indoor Grass Pad for Dogs

Whether you're a city dweller without backyard space or working long hours and unable to squeeze in too many breaks to walk your dog, Gotta Go Grass is a convenient bathroom break solution for you and your dog.

Pick a spot indoors—ensure it's directly on the floor and not on a carpeted area. Unlike fake grass, our potty pads use farm-fresh grass that naturally absorbs liquids and odors, fostering a sanitary environment. Our grass packs are paired with a hard plastic tray to prevent waste from seeping into the surroundings and guarantee a mess-free cleaning process.

Outdoor Grass Pad for Dogs

Gotta Go Grass is versatile and can also be placed outdoors for easy cleaning. When using it outside, position the grass pad in an easily accessible yet discreet area in your yard, where it can receive at least 1-2 hours of indirect sunlight daily.

Placing your grass pad outdoors has several benefits—it allows you to keep your dog's bathroom area in a familiar environment, making it easier for dogs to associate the pad with potty time. It also inadvertently prevents your dog's urine from damaging your lawn, providing multiple advantages for your dog's convenience and lawn maintenance.

Balcony Grass Pad for Dogs

For added convenience, you can use your fresh patch of grass as a balcony grass pad for dogs, providing a middle ground between indoor and outdoor settings. This placement prevents accidents indoors while providing an easily accessible bathroom space for your dog in a controlled environment. It's a practical solution for pet owners living in small-space apartments.


Final Tips for Setting Up Your Dog Grass Pad

Gotta Go Grass pads are designed to be placed indoors, outdoors, on balconies, or somewhere convenient for you. Now that we've explored various placement options for your real grass pads, let's look into more tips on how to maximize their use and ensure successful potty training.

Keep fresh grass out of direct sunlight

While some indirect sunlight can extend the life of your grass pad, too much can lead to premature drying, which means you'll have to replace your grass pad sooner than intended. Preserve its freshness by misting the grass with water as soon as it arrives and occasionally through the week or whenever your grass looks particularly dry.

Pick one location and leave it there

Dogs thrive on familiarity and routine, and shifting your grass pads to different locations can confuse them about where they are allowed to go. Consistency is key, particularly during potty training. So, when using a dog grass pad, designate a specific spot and stick with it.

Size up for longer use and accommodate large dogs

Gotta Go Grass trays feature an interlocking mechanism that allows you to connect two trays seamlessly. Double up your order of grass packs with trays and place them next to each other to create a larger bathroom area.

Besides providing the perfect size of grass pee pads for larger breeds or multiple dogs at home, this practical approach extends the use of your grass pads between cleanings for you and your dog's convenience.



Gotta Go Grass pads are for all the dog owners looking for a versatile and convenient bathroom solution that can be placed almost anywhere. Whether you're using them as housebreaking supplies during puppy potty training, seeking a porch potty solution, or simply looking to provide your pet with an accessible patch of living grass, our pee pads deliver various benefits over artificial grass alternatives.

With Gotta Go Grass, you can enjoy zero accidents, prevent future misses, and ensure a hassle-free experience for you and your pet. Overall, the ease of cleaning adds to its appeal, as you simply have to dispose of the entire unit and wash the tray for next use. It's an eco-friendly option that not only saves you from dealing with unpleasant smells, but also allows you to make sustainable decisions regarding pet ownership.

Elevate your house training experience with Gotta Go Grass and provide your dog with the perfect grass pee pad solution.

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