18 Dog-Friendly Date Ideas on Valentine's Day

by Jamie Tedder on Feb 01, 2024


It's Valentine's season.

While many are planning their perfect dates, pet parents are probably having a dilemma about having to leave their pup behind. Fortunately, with the increasing number of dog-friendly places and accessories like dog grass pads, letting your pet tag along has become more convenient—even on Valentine's Day.

Dogs enjoy spending time with us, so why not include a plus one with sweet brown eyes, and a love for long walks, treats, and cuddles? With these 18 paw-sitively perfect, dog-friendly Valentine's date ideas, your best friend doesn't have to be alone while you enjoy a day of romance and fun with your significant other.

18 Valentine's Date Ideas with Your Dogs

Let's be honest: dogs make great companions. Whether you're planning a cozy night in or an adventurous outdoor trip, here's a list of Valentine's date ideas for you, your significant other, and your pup. These suggestions are versatile, applicable for various stages in a relationship, and can also be enjoyed solo with just you and your furry friend.


Indulge in the perfect blend of craft beer and canine companionship by spending an afternoon at a dog-friendly brewery. Seek out a local brewery with pet-friendly policies—a bonus if they offer activities tailored to our four-legged friends—for a delightful experience celebrating your love for craft beer and dogs.

Wine Tasting

For wine enthusiasts, explore dog-friendly wineries with spacious outdoor areas where you can enjoy a stroll with your dog. Delight in wine tasting, share a bottle, or savor a glass of your favorite while soaking in the scenic views. Don't forget to bring a toy or chew to keep your dog occupied, along with a cozy blanket. Elevate the experience by bringing a picnic basket to lay on the ground so you and your dog can lounge and unwind together.


Dog Park

If your significant other also has a dog, schedule a playdate with your dogs at a local dog-friendly park. It's a delightful way to let your furry friends enjoy playtime while you relax and chat. Pick up some coffee or hot cocoa on the way and settle on a park bench where you can watch your pups playing.


Aside from physical activity, hiking is a wonderful way to connect with nature and breathe fresh air. When hiking with your dog, keep their activity level in mind to avoid having to carry them back down the hill post-hike. Bring essentials such as water, a collapsible bowl, and a leash to ensure a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience.


Movie Night

If your kind of date night is staying in, how about a movie night at home? Choose a fun movie (a dog-themed film is optional) and prepare snacks to share with your dog—popcorn, chips, cheese, fresh fruits, and ice cream. Take it to the next level by building a blanket fort or creating a pillow pile on the floor where you and your pup can cuddle up together.

Cook at Home

A movie night at home is also a great excuse to whip up a feast. Search for a new recipe and spend the evening figuring it out with your significant other. Consider making something special for your dog as well. It can be as simple as setting aside a portion of what you're already cooking without seasonings to ensure they feel included in your cozy date night.


Game Night

End your stay-in date night with a dog-friendly game. Choose from classic board games or try a video game. Don't forget to spend some time playing your dog's favorite game, too—whether it's hiding a treat for them to find, a game of tug, or a puzzle toy.

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If the weather permits, pack a basket with your favorite food and treats for your dog and head to a local park. Spread out on a blanket and relax, bringing some frisbees or balls for you and your pup to play with as you enjoy your time outdoors.



The pandemic has brought about a resurgence of drive-in theaters, offering an enjoyable outdoor movie experience. Adding to the fun is that many of these theaters are dog-friendly. But, before heading out, double-check with your local theater regarding their pet policies. Bring picnic chairs or open the hatch and enjoy the movie with your pup—it's the perfect opportunity to snuggle with your date and dog!

Road Trip

Go on a road trip with your dog to a dog-friendly destination where you can enjoy the journey together, explore new places, and create lasting memories with your furry friend.

But before setting out, make sure your dog is potty trained to make the journey comfortable for both of you. A fresh patch of dog grass pad can be handy on the road or at your travel destination, providing a familiar and convenient space for your pup to relieve themselves.


Dog Yoga

Yes, doga—short for dog yoga is a thing. If you're lucky enough to have a yoga studio that embraces a pet-friendly environment or, even better, offers doga classes, it can be a fantastic date idea for you, your significant other, and your dog. It's a unique, fun, and physically engaging, all-in-one experience.

Book a Photoshoot

Whether you hire a professional photographer or book a self-portrait photo studio, taking your family pawtraits is an adorable way to create lasting memories this Valentine's Day. Bring your pup's favorite toy or treats to ensure their cooperation, making it a delightful date experience.



Most boats are dog-friendly, providing a great adventure for you and your dog. Time your boat ride before the sun goes down to catch a beautiful sunset. But, before setting sail, pick up a life jacket for your dog. This precautionary measure is particularly necessary if it's your dog's first time on the water.


If you're new to pitching tents and roasting marshmallows, we recommend starting easy and planning ahead. Camp at a nearby state park or look online for dog-friendly locations to camp privately. Don't forget to pack extra water, ample food, lanterns, and a first-aid kit for you and your furry companion.


Sports Game

For sports enthusiasts, this dog-friendly date idea is a home run. Instead of the usual routine of watching sporting events on TV, consider taking your dog to a live game. Some sporting events welcome fans to bring their dogs to the stadium. You may even find dog jerseys as a souvenir.

Before bringing your pooch to the ball game, assess their behavior and reactions to crowds and noise. Only bring your dog if they are comfortable in such environments, as the stadium can be crowded.

Downtown Stroll

For a laidback and dog-friendly activity, consider breaking away from your regular walking routes and exploring nearby downtown areas and business districts. Taking a stroll downtown provides a refreshing change of environment and makes for a relaxed yet delightful date.



Traveling with a pet can be challenging, and booking a stay at a dog-friendly hotel allows relaxing without the stress of transportation.

While many dog-friendly hotels may offer accessories for their canine guests, such as food and water bowls, it's advisable to pack your pup's essentials, including wipes, water dispenser bottles, and, ideally, real grass pee pads. It's a convenient alternative for bathroom breaks, particularly when you're trying to stay indoors without worrying about taking your dog outside.

Beach Day

A day at the beach provides a perfect opportunity to break free from your busy schedule and engage in deep, distraction-free conversations with your significant other. Meanwhile, your dog gets to enjoy their favorite activities: running and swimming.

Before heading to the beach, make sure to pack essentials like plenty of drinking water for your pup, toys, and towels. While dogs can roam freely on the beach, keep a watchful eye on them to prevent them from wandering too far or venturing too deep into the water.



Whether your ideal Valentine's date involves a fancy dinner, tickets to a fun event, a cozy home setup for a movie night and home-cooked meal, or packing up for a trip, Valentine's Day offers a wonderful excuse to spend quality time not only with your significant other but also with your beloved dogs.

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Do you have any other Valentine's date ideas to add? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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