The Ultimate Guide to Balcony Grass for Dogs

by Bethel Farms on Jan 18, 2023

Guide to Balcony Grass for Dogs

If you are a proud pet owner, you are in good company. 70% of US households own one or more pets. And 69 million of these households are home to man's best friend.

At the same time, more and more families choose to live in apartments today than ever before. And that can make it hard on dog owners, especially when it comes to taking your pup to potty.

That is where balcony grass for dogs comes in. Balcony grass is to dogs what a litter box is to cats. It makes going potty convenient for pet owners and comfortable for pups.

Buy what is balcony grass? And should you consider using these grass potty pads for your dog? We are addressing these two questions and many more in the guide, so keep reading!

What Is Balcony Grass?

Not all apartments and urban living spaces have an outdoor area for your pet. Balcony grass is essentially that a real or synthetic grass pad that your dog can use as a toilet.

Grass pads consist of a grass upper that feeds into a reusable tray. You can remove the tray as you would with a cat litter box. Then, you would dump the contents, clean the tray, and reinsert it for future use.

Balcony grass pads come in many sizes and materials depending on your needs and the needs of your pup. You could even try DIYing a potty pad, though there are many great options available for purchase, including Gotta Go Grass.

Do Grass Pads Work for Dogs? 

Dog Grass Pad Uses

Grass pads are super convenient for pet owners who live in apartments. You can simply let your dog out on the balcony instead of having to walk down multiple flights of stairs or take the elevator in the middle of the night.

But what other reasons might you want to consider a potty pad for your pup? Here are three of the best ones.

Potty Training

Potty training your new puppy is hard enough. But when you live in an apartment, this process can become a major headache.

Puppy grass pads can help make potty training easier. You won't have to race down the stairs or risk the elevator at the last minute. And when you do miss your pup's cue, a grass pad can help prevent accidents.

Plus, training your dog with real grass pads like Gotta Go Grass can help your dog potty train faster. Fido will learn the familiar feel and smell of the grass, teaching him where it is appropriate to potty and where it isn't.

The average puppy needs to pee at least every hour! Imagine having to run up and down the stairs every time you think your puppy needs to go.

And then, even after all that running around, your puppy still has an accident in your home! Save yourself the headache. Get balcony grass for your dog instead.

Long Work Days

Like humans, dogs are social animals. They need human and dog interactions to maintain good cognitive health. The American Kennel Club (AKC) recommends the following guidelines for leaving dogs at home:

  • Avoid leaving dogs aged 10 months or younger at home for more than one hour
  • Avoid leaving dogs aged 36 months at home for more hours than their age (e.g., 3 hours for 3-month-old dogs)
  • Avoid leaving dogs aged 6 months or older at home for more than four hours

The maximum amount of time you can leave a six-month-old or older dog at home is eight hours. But the AKC goes on to say that you should only do this if your dog has a place to potty while you are gone.

Yet, most of us work eight or more hours per day. And not all of us live close enough to our jobs to let the dog out during lunch breaks.

Luckily, pet owners with long work hours can use grass potty pads. Your pet can find relief even when you are not home. That way, when you return from work, the only surprise is how happy you are to see your furry friend.

Inclement Weather

Do you live in an area that gets a lot of rain or snow? If so, you probably dread taking your dog outside when the winter and spring roll around. No matter how many layers you throw on, you will be cold and maybe even wet after the walk.

What's more, many dogs do not like to relieve themselves in inclement weather. Many dogs hate getting their coat or paws wet. And, understandably, dogs hate putting their sensitive paws in freezing cold snow.

Using a dog-friendly grass pad can prevent you and your pup from having to face that nasty weather. Your dog can potty without freezing or wet paws. And you can stay inside where it is warm and dry.

Mobility Problems

Does your dog have a disability that makes it difficult to walk or move around? Is he or she currently in a cast or e-collar, making it hard for them to get around?

Vets do not typically recommend taking long walks when a dog is injured or disabled. The same is true of older dogs who may struggle to get around due to age.

A potty pad can help with all of these issues. You can take your dog out for a walk when he's feeling up to it. But otherwise, let him rest and have a comfortable and convenient place to relieve himself safely in your home.

Grass Potty Pad Materials

There are many potty pads on the market. But some are far superior to others. This difference typically comes down to the materials the various materials potty pad manufacturers use to make them.

Potty pads usually consist of two components: the grass part and the underlying tray. Keep reading to learn more about the best materials for each component.

Real Grass vs. Artificial Grass

Potty pads come with either real or artificial grass. Manufacturers make artificial grass potty pads from plastic, usually Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) plastic.

Real grass potty pads come with, you guessed it, real fresh grass. The grass can be grown in soil. But some grass pad manufacturers grow them hydroponically, excluding the need for dirt.

There are pros and cons to each of these materials.

The advantages of real grass include that it naturally eliminates potty smells, is environmentally friendly, and is compostable. On the downside, real grass pads can be expensive and may die during colder months.

Artificial grass is cheaper and longer lasting than the real thing. But you have to clean the artificial grass every day to keep it from getting smelly. Also, some dogs do not prefer using fake grass, and you could waste your money. 

Corrosion-Resistant Metal vs. Plastic Trays

Most grass pads come with trays to collect excess liquid. You can then dispose of this liquid according to your local pet waste disposal guidelines.

Manufacturers use metal or plastic to produce these trays. Again, there are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Both materials are waterproof and non-corrosive, meaning they will not rust from exposure to urine or the elements. But unless the manufacturer uses durable materials like aluminum, metal trays can get damaged over time.

Plastic trays, on the other hand, do not run the risk of damage. Manufacturers typically use a hard plastic that will not puncture even if your dog claws it. Plastic is also much easier to clean than metal.

Grass Potty Pad Sizes

Think pet-friendly grass pads are only for smaller dogs? Think again because there is a grass potty pad for dogs of all sizes!

Here are the dog grass sizes you need for your pup.

Grass Potty Pad for Small Dogs

Small dogs and puppies do not need a ton of space to do their business. A potty pad measuring 24" by 15"20" is more than enough for dogs weighing 30 pounds or less.

Gotta Go Grass pads measure 16" x 24", making them the perfect size for smaller dogs.

Grass Potty Pad for Large Dogs

Medium and large dogs and puppies need larger spaces to potty. Fido needs room to sniff and move around on the pad before he does his business. This is why we recommend choosing a potty pad that is at least 48" by 30"40."

It can be hard to find a grass potty pad that is large enough for medium and large dogs. That is why we recommend getting two small-sized potty pads if your dog weighs more than 30 pounds.

Buy Gotta Go Grass 2 Pack

Tips for Cleaning Your Dog Grass Pad

One of the most commonly asked questions about dog grass pads is how to keep them from smelling bad. Like a cat's litter box, dog-friendly balcony grass needs to be cleaned periodically. Here's how to do just that.

Dispose of Poop

Treat poop on balcony grass the same way you would regular grass. Bag up your dog's waste and dispose of it according to your local pet waste ordinance.

Empty and Clean the Tray

Most balcony grasses come with trays to catch excess liquid. Make sure you empty the tray frequently and clean it with warm soapy water to reduce unwanted smells.

Choose Real Grass

Bad smells are usually only a problem for synthetic grass potty pads. Even daily cleaning of the pad will not prevent smell. That is why you should always choose real grass for your pooch.

Why Gotta Go Grass Is the Best Balcony Grass for Dogs

Gotta Go Grass is the best balcony grass for dogs. Don't believe us? Then check out our customer reviews or keep reading to learn why pet owners love our products.

Real Grass and Soil

Our grass pads consist of real US-grown, farm fresh grass. It is eco-friendly, recyclable, and the most realistic option for pets who prefer the smell and feel of nature.

To make your dog's experience even more familiar, we include soil and roots in our living potty pad systems.

Our live balcony grass lasts up to four weeks. Make sure to give the grass a thorough watering if it dries out. And consider moving the system inside during the colder months to get the most out of your potty pads.

Easy-to-Clean Trays

We include trays with our balcony grass to make cleanup a breeze. All you have to do is remove the tray or even keep it intact. Then, dump the contents into the waste according to your local disposal guidelines.

The trays are made from easy-to-clean plastic, too. It will not absorb smell either. Just use warm soapy water to clean the tray if you start to notice any buildup.

Odor Control

One of the main complaints about most balcony grass pads is that they smell awful. Even products consisting of real grass can get stinky when there is no soil or roots to absorb the smell.

Gotta Go Grass pads are as close to nature as possible. We use an exclusive odor-locking growing process when producing the real grass topper. This results in a more sanitary and enjoyable experience for you and your dog.

Multiple Sizes

Gotta Go Grass is suitable for dogs of all sizes. But unlike other brands, we do not just offer pads that you can line up next to each other. Our balcony grass includes interlocking trays that grow with your dog.

You can buy one of our 16" x 24" pads for your puppy or small dog. If your dog is larger or growing, pick up a couple of these pads and secure them together using the interlocking trays.

16" x 24" grass pad

The bigger your dog, the more trays you can add to create the perfect potty, no matter how big your dog is or grows to be.

Get Gotta Go Grass for Your Furry Friend

Balcony grass for dogs is the convenient solution you have been searching for. It can help make potty training or long days at work less of a headache. Plus, your dog will thank you for providing a comfortable place to relieve himself.

Are you searching for the best balcony grass for your pup? We have indoor and outdoor real grass pads for pet owners like you. Shop Gotta Go Grass today!

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