Grass Packs: How to Choose the Right Size of Grass Pad for Dogs

by Jamie Tedder on Nov 28, 2023


Potty training your pup is a win-win situation. By encouraging positive potty habits in their early stages, your pup can leverage their instinct to keep their sleeping and play areas clean. As a pet owner, it also means spending less time cleaning after your furry friend.

Real grass pads for dogs emerge as an effective solution for indoor potty training—and finding the appropriate size is just as important as selecting the right crate size to accommodate their growing needs.

Why Use Natural Pee Pads for Indoor Potty Training?

In an ideal scenario, dogs would naturally relieve themselves outdoors. But the reality is that not all pets have the luxury of accessing a yard. Some are posh apartment dogs, while others live several floors up, making it almost impossible to take them down the elevator before an accident happens.

Real grass potty pads offer more advantages than synthetic grass potty pads, mainly by recreating the sensory experience they get outdoors—something fake grass or traditional pads cannot replicate.

The other benefits of fresh grass potty pads include:

Convenience and Accessibility: You can place a grass pad for dogs virtually anywhere that is easily accessible for them. It makes it particularly easier for small dogs, older dogs, and dogs with health or mobility issues to get to their potty area than making the long and often inconvenient trip outside.

Ideal for Inclement Weather: They also offer a convenient and all-weather option to help your dog maintain their bathroom routine despite adverse weather conditions.

Potty Training: Dog grass pads help facilitate a seamless transition to outdoor potty by recreating the familiar surface they associate with their instinct to relieve themselves on grass.

Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly: Each reusable grass pad lasts 1-4 weeks. As it reaches the end of its use, it can easily be composted or thrown into the biodegradable waste bin.

Absorbs Moisture and Prevents Odor: Real grass pads absorb moisture naturally through the grass blades and soil. Consequently, it also helps prevent odor, thus contributing to a fresher environment. 

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What Size of Grass Pads Do You Need?

When selecting the appropriate potty pad size, some of the most significant considerations include your dog’s size, breed, the available space for the potty tray, frequency of use, and whether multiple dogs will use the potty area.

Dog Size

Choosing the size of indoor potty pads appropriate for your dog’s size not only makes them comfortable but also reduces accidents and misses. Dogs usually circle before they poo, so giving them enough space to circle makes the experience feel more natural.

Our Gotta Go Grass® dog grass pad solutions consist of farm-fresh grass packs and trays, which you can buy separately or in bundles. Each grass refill measures 16x24 inches and is recommended for dogs under 30 lbs.

What distinguishes our dog potty grass pads is that our trays feature an interlocking system, allowing easy size adjustments based on your dog's needs. This flexibility can cater to various sizes, including large dogs and whether you have multiple pets at home.

Frequency of Use

How often do you expect your dog to use the fresh grass pads? If it's going to be their main toilet or when you're using it for dog potty training, going big is better. The larger surface area not only accommodates increased fluid capacity but also minimizes the frequency of cleanings, saving you from dealing with wet paws more often. In multi-dog households, the larger capacity further eases the cleaning process.


Where will the dog potty grass go? Gotta Go Grass® is a life-saver for pet training. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, providing versatile grass pad options for strategic placement around your home—be it for porch potty or indoor training.

Whether you opt for a single grass pad in smaller spaces or multiple pads for comprehensive coverage, consider placing them in the bathroom or laundry area for easy cleaning and preventing accidents.


The Best Gotta Go Grass® Pad Size for Dogs

Finding the right size of a dog grass pad is a decision that depends on various factors like your dog's size and the frequency of use.

Gotta Go Grass® offers living grass pad solutions, providing excellent support for house training and a super convenient solution for your dog's potty needs. Whether you're guiding a puppy through potty training or seeking a reliable training pad for your dog, the versatility of our grass packs ensures that they can accommodate your unique requirements. The benefits of using real grass surpass artificial grass alternatives, offering an entire unit that caters to the diverse needs of dogs and dog owners alike.

Shop for Gotta Go Grass potty pads on our website today!

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