Gotta Go Grass was developed for your pet's safety and ease of use. Follow these simple tips to ensure you get the most out of your Gotta Go Grass.

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Open the box and set grass and tray in desired location, make sure it gets lots of light and air!

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If you notice Gotta Go Grass is drying out, apply a light watering.

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Gotta Go Grass is a natural, living system. Long shipping intervals may cause some yellowing. Don't worry! Generally, within one day of opening the box and providing fresh air, the grass will regain it's lush green appearance. 

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Maintaining Gotta Go Grass is up to your discretion. Feel free to trim, water, or clean with a paper towel.

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Gotta Go Grass will last from 2-4 weeks, depending on use and upkeep.

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When utilized this grass would be treated as you would on a normal walk. Excrements should be removed as desired.

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Follow your local city or county guidelines for disposal options.





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Patience, praise, and reinforcement leads to success.

If your pup is reluctant to adopt Gotta Go Grass, try taking them for a walk on Gotta Go Grass. If they are used to a leash, they should start to associate their new Gotta Go Grass with potty time.

​Remember that our doggies are creatures of habit so avoid relocating Gotta Go Grass. Select a location where they will be relaxed and comfortable​Always reward your doggie. 

Provide treats and praise when they attempt usage, even when the result is a clear miss.

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