How to Potty Train Your Dog in Cold Weather

by Jamie Tedder on Feb 06, 2024


As the cold weather settles in, the upcoming days may present a challenge in taking your dog outdoors for bathroom breaks. Pet owners naturally prefer keeping their dogs warm and cozy on colder days.

Maintaining your dog's bathroom routine during unfavorable weather conditions can be difficult. But, making a few adjustments, such as transitioning to indoor potty training with fresh grass pads for dogs, can help you and your canine companion navigate these challenges.

5 Tips for Potty Training Your Dog in Winter

Read further for a few tips to potty-train your dog during cold weather.

Use Grass Pads for Dogs

Maintaining your dog's bathroom routine indoors becomes more convenient with grass pads. Set up the pad in a quiet, accessible space at home to designate a potty area. Establish a consistent schedule for bathroom breaks, as you would during outdoor training. Take your dog to the grass pad after meals, playtime, waking up in the morning, and afternoon naps.

Use positive reinforcement, praising or rewarding them with a treat immediately after they use the pad correctly. This method will help your dog associate the indoor grass pee pad with the bathroom area, helping facilitate a seamless transition to indoor potty training.

Place the Real Grass Pad on the Balcony

Setting up your living grass pad on the balcony serves as a compromise between indoor and outdoor potty training. A balcony grass minimizes the risk of accidents and misses indoors while offering a readily available toilet space for your dog within a controlled environment. It's a practical solution to make the temporary adjustments easier and more convenient.


Adjust Potty Breaks When It's Warmer

When adapting your dog's routine to the weather, you can also consider adjusting their mealtime to time their potty breaks when it's warmer outside, especially during midday. During this adjustment period, observe your dog closely for signals when they need to go.

Layer Them Up

Dress your dog in layers of clothing to keep them warm while spending time outdoors. A sweater and a scarf will add an extra layer of insulation to retain their body heat. If your dog is amenable, consider outfitting them with shoes to protect their paws from the cold ground. Besides offering a protective layer, these extra clothes also help extend your time outdoors as you adjust to house training.

Limit Outdoor Trips to Potty

In cold weather, we advise limiting outdoor trips with your pet to potty breaks. Instead of extending playtime on chilly days, focus on reinforcing potty training habits through quick and efficient breaks. During cold weather, it will help your dog associate outdoor trips with the specific purpose of relieving themselves, ensuring success in your pet training efforts.


Indoor Potty Training with Real Grass Pads for Dogs

Dogs, particularly small pets, can be sensitive to cold, but like any other pet, they still have to go. On particularly cold days, indoor grass pee pads emerge as a convenient bathroom alternative, ensuring your dog can relieve themselves in a familiar environment without the discomfort of the outdoors.

Gotta Go Grass stands apart from fake grass alternatives by using patches of real grass as indoor potty pads. Each pee pad provides the same sensory experience dogs associate with outdoor potty breaks, facilitating a more seamless transition from outdoor to indoor potty training. This feature guarantees consistency in your dog's routine, even in weather-related challenges.


Gotta Go Grass—A Natural, Convenient Alternative for Bathroom Breaks

Unlike artificial grass, Gotta Go Grass guarantees easy cleaning with little maintenance needed. Because it uses real grass, it naturally absorbs moisture and neutralizes odors, extending its usage between replacements. Each fresh patch can last up to four weeks, and when a new one is delivered, simply dispose of the entire unit.

As a fully disposable and compostable solution, Gotta Go Grass becomes a life-saver for you and your dog, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Whether you refer to them as puppy pads, pee pads, or potty pads, these dog housebreaking supplies play an essential role in toilet training. It's completely safe and useful whether you have a new puppy or are looking after older dogs. It's also practical for pet owners with busy schedules or living in high-rise apartments where taking the dog outdoors may not always be practical.

For real grass pee pads for dogs, shop at Gotta Go Grass today.

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