Can You DIY a Grass Patch for Dogs?

by Jamie Tedder on Feb 12, 2024


Living in an apartment or a high-rise condominium with dogs often means you don't have immediate access to an outdoor space for your furry friend. This situation requires you to take them for a walk every time they need to go. While you understand the responsibilities of pet ownership, there are situations when it can be less than convenient for you and your dog.

The Benefits of Using Grass Pads for Dogs

Puppies, tiny dogs, and older dogs, for example, have a harder time holding their bladder and need more frequent bathroom breaks throughout the day than other dogs. Additionally, dogs recovering from injuries or with physical issues may struggle to navigate the stairs or long corridors to go outside, increasing the likelihood of accidents.

No matter your situation, a short trip to your balcony door or a designated bathroom area indoors is sometimes preferable to a walk outside, and this is where a fresh patch of dog potty grass with a tray can prove useful.


Protect Your Lawn

Besides providing an indoor alternative to taking your dog for a business outside, grass pee pads for dogs can also protect your grass from damage. Dog urine has high nitrogen content, and in concentration, it has the potential to cause grass burn.

You can place a dog grass pad with a tray outside—in the backyard or on the balcony for a designated bathroom area.

Easy Cleanup

An indoor grass pee pad for dogs facilitates convenient cleanup and maintenance. Being real grass, it naturally absorbs odors and moisture, allowing for longer use between cleanings than fake grass alternatives. Each grass pad fits into a durable plastic tray, effectively containing waste and preventing it from seeping out. This feature limits cleanup to one small area, making the cleaning process more convenient. A single grass pack can last for weeks, and when it's time to replace it, simply dispose of the wet grass pad in a compost bin, wash the tray, and refill it with a new pad.

Support Potty Training

Grass pads for dogs are also a valuable tool for potty training. By recreating a similar sensory experience to outdoor grass, they facilitate a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor potty training.

Dogs are naturally drawn to grass for potty, so having a grass pad indoors encourages them to use it instinctively. This familiarity can reduce accidents in the house and make the training process more effective.


How to DIY Grass Patch for Dogs

There's no denying the convenience of having a fresh patch of grass for dogs delivered to your doorstep. However, if you've ever thought about making one yourself to save money, there are plenty of possibilities and materials available to create a DIY grass pee pad.

Search online or across social media platforms, and you'll discover a wealth of creative ideas for DIY puppy pads. One option involves gathering materials for a real grass pee pad, including a tray, soil, and grass. However, keep in mind that even with this DIY approach, there are still costs involved. If not careful, the expenses can easily escalate to match or even exceed the cost of a ready-made grass pack. Ordering one instead can save you the hassle of constructing a grass pad from scratch and potentially save you money and time in the long run.

What Can You Use for a DIY Grass Pad?

 Alternatively, you can use fake grass for your dog's bathroom area. While this option is cheaper to create initially, it comes with its own set of challenges. It requires daily cleaning to prevent odors, which after some period can still linger even after cleaning. These artificial solutions also contribute to environmental issues, as they eventually end up in landfills, adding to your carbon footprint as a dog owner.

There are several alternative materials for making a dog's bathroom area, but each has its own drawbacks. Mulch, while readily available, can lead to an upset stomach when ingested in large quantities. Sand is another option, but it can be easily washed away with water, requiring frequent replenishing.

Cat litter and hydroponic grass are effective, but they can be more expensive in the long run than using a traditional real grass pad. Meanwhile, puppy pads, which are essentially large sheets made from materials similar to diapers, generate a significant amount of waste, contributing to environmental issues. Considering the cost and your dog's safety and well-being, these alternative materials may seem less appealing. This realization often leads you back to the most suitable bathroom option for your dog, which ticks the boxes for safety, cost-effectiveness, and maintenance—real grass pee pads for dogs.


The Ultimate Grass Pads for Dogs for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Gotta Go Grass uses farm-fresh, high-quality grass patches for your dog's potty and pee pads. In addition to being easy to maintain, cost-effective, and sustainable, Gotta Go Grass stands out with its interlocking trays that allow you to expand the bathroom area into an XL tray to accommodate a larger dog or multiple dogs at home. How long your grass pad will last will depend on your pup's usage, but it can last up to four weeks with occasional watering to keep it green.

At Gotta Go Grass, we provide excellent products and pride ourselves on amazing customer service. We are committed to helping you find the right potty solutions and provide guidance on effectively using and maintaining your grass pad.

For high-quality, convenient, and sustainable potty solutions for your pup, visit the Gotta Go Grass website today.

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