The Best Grass Pee Pads for Dogs in Apartments

by Jamie Tedder on Nov 24, 2023

A puppy on grass lawn
Apartment living has led many individuals to dismiss the idea of adopting a dog. However, global pet ownership has risen in recent years, primarily driven by its many recognized health benefits. These include better heart health and reduced depression and anxiety levels.

Another contributing factor is the rise in accessibility of products like dog potty pads, which facilitate convenient potty training indoors. These make pet ownership possible and even more manageable in yard-less environments.

Why Use Potty Pads?

Whether you call them potty pads, pee pads, or puppy pads, this clever solution works as stationary dog diapers that absorb fluids and control odors. It has become an invaluable tool for puppy training.

In addition to living in an apartment or condominium with no easy access to green lawns, there are many other situations where pee pads can relieve the stress of going for you and your dog.

  • Inclement Weather: Useful during adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain or snow, when outdoor potty breaks are less than ideal.
  • Busy Schedules: For pet owners with busy schedules or limited time to take their dogs outdoors for potty breaks.
  • Puppies and Senior Dogs: For puppies in the early stages of puppy potty training and seniors with mobility or health issues.
  • Small Dogs: For small dogs with smaller bladder capacities and so need to pee more often.
  • Training Reinforcement & Consistency: For reinforcing potty training habits and facilitating consistency regardless of the situation.
  • Health Concerns: For dogs recovering from surgery, illness, or those with health concerns that make regular outdoor potty breaks challenging.
  • Traveling: Convenient for travel situations, ensuring a familiar and consistent potty option for dogs in new or temporary environments, such as when traveling in boats or during vacations.

Traditional Potty Pads vs. Dog Grass Pads

Everyone's probably acquainted with makeshift potty pads like old newspaper or cardboard, which easily get soggy if not ripped apart by dogs, or towels that get soaked almost immediately after one pee. But dog product technology has since evolved, offering ultra-absorbent, moisture-locking, and odor-wicking solutions for potty training.

For apartment dog owners, potty pads also have practical benefits such as easy clean-up, floor protection against accidents and stains, and versatility in sizes to accommodate even medium and large dogs.

However, despite these advantages, dogs may associate peeing on soft materials like traditional potty pads with broader acceptance. They may think it's also acceptable to pee on rugs and upholstered furniture. In the long term, you would want to explore more sustainable and eco-friendly options such as fresh grass pee pads for dogs.

Real grass pads for dogs apartment living

The Best Grass Pee Pads for Indoor Potty Training

Natural grass pee pads for dogs offer superior benefits than traditional or artificial grass alternatives. They recreate a more authentic outdoor experience that helps dogs associate the pad with natural potty areas. It can support your dog training efforts as dogs are instinctively drawn to real grass. Read more about why natural indoor grass pee pads are better for dogs here.

The best grass pee pads for apartment dogs will give them a safe, comfortable place to do their business when going outside is less practical. Whatever your reason for puppy pad shopping, Gotta Go GrassĀ® offers premium real grass pads with versatile customization options.

You can buy a single-pack or two-pack grass refills, both with or without a tray. This flexibility allows you to tailor your purchase to accommodate your dog's specific size and needs.

Single-Refill Grass

With our living grass pads, Gotta Go GrassĀ® brings the outdoors inside. It is a greener solution to provide natural and convenient relief for your pets at home. Each single-refill grass pack measures 16x24 inches, recommended for dogs under 30 lbs. It doesn't include a tray and is recommended if you're only replenishing your grass from a prior purchase.

Single-Refill Grass with Tray

You can also purchase a single-refill grass pack with a tray, which serves as a supportive base for the dog grass pad. It ensures that any absorbed liquid is contained within the tray, preventing spills and making disposal or cleaning easier.

The combination of the tray and dog grass pee pad creates a recognizable and consistent potty spot for your dog. It not only aids in effective potty training but also makes the overall maintenance streamlined and user-friendly.

Two-Pack Refill Grass

With two grass refill packs, you can create a larger potty surface, ideal for larger dogs, multi-dog households, or pet owners looking to maximize urine capacity and minimize tray maintenance. It also proves helpful in various settings, such as when traveling in RVs or camper vans to allow for prolonged use between cleanings.

Two-Pack Refill Grass with Trays

You can also bundle our two-pack refill grass with trays. These feature an interlocking system that allows you to adjust the size seamlessly according to your dog's evolving needs. It is recommended for larger breeds or multi-pet households, providing the flexibility to accommodate various sizes. The larger surface also means increased fluid capacity, which minimizes the need for frequent tray cleanings.

Grass pad for apartment dogs

Natural Dog Grass Pee Pad Solutions by Gotta Go GrassĀ®

Potty training is essential for fostering positive habits in your dog, and Gotta Go GrassĀ® makes it easier with our durable, all-natural grass pads. Our innovative solution simplifies housetraining by bringing the outdoors inside. It reinforces consistent habits by providing a familiar feel at home, and with multiple size options available, we guarantee to cater to all your potty training needs.

Shop for dog grass pad solutions by visiting our website today!

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