How to Refill Real Grass Pad for Dogs

by Jamie Tedder on Nov 30, 2023

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Real grass pads are a clever potty solution for dogs, allowing them to relieve themselves in a designated space within your home. It is great for indoor and outdoor use and consists of a layer of farm-fresh grass set on a tray that absorbs liquids and helps control odors.

It provides a more pleasant, sanitary, and natural alternative to traditional disposable or synthetic grass pads. Because it leverages the dog's instinct to associate fresh grass with the outdoor environment they are accustomed to, it can help facilitate a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor training. Overall, it makes the potty training process more intuitive and effective for your furry friend.

Why Use Real Grass Potty Pad for Dogs

A grass potty pad also stands out as a practical solution if you live in an apartment. It proves convenient in situations when it is less than ideal to take your dog outside. 

Apartment Living: Ideal for pet owners residing in apartments, high-rise condominiums, or urban environments with limited outdoor access.

Inclement Weather: Convenient when taking your dog outside is challenging due to nasty weather.

Busy Schedules: Suitable for dog owners with busy schedules or limited time for outdoor walks.

Nighttime and Emergency Situations: Provides a consistent and accessible bathroom during nighttime or emergencies to prevent accidents.

Small & Older Dogs: Small pets with smaller bladders and senior dogs with age-related health issues and reduced bladder control pee more often, and a designated indoor spot provides 24-hour access for frequent bathroom breaks.

Medical Issues: An indoor potty can also reduce the need to go outside for dogs recovering from injury or medical issues, thus minimizing their stress while recovering.

How to Use and Maintain Your Reusable Grass Pad

Setting up your dog's potty grass pad is pretty straightforward. At Gotta Go Grass®, we deliver it fresh to you in a box. All you have to do is refill the tray with a living grass pad and place the entire unit on the designated potty area for your dog—on the balcony, patio, or somewhere indoors—and it's good to go.

Although it may require little maintenance, much of the effort will go toward keeping your dog's grass pad sanitary to encourage your pup to keep using it. By the time it reaches the end of its use, you can simply decompose it or discard it in the biodegradable bin.

Gotta Go Grass natural dog pad

How to Use Grass Potty Pad Refill

Step 1: Remove Solid Waste

Make sure to scoop up any solid waste from the grass before removing the soiled grass from the tray.

Step 2: Wash the Tray

While a real grass pee pad effectively absorbs urine, the liquid can seep through the grass and eventually settle into the tray. It may leave a foul odor as well. So, when refilling, dispose of the soiled grass and wash the tray with warm soapy water. Allow it to dry before reusing.

Step 3: Refill Your Grass Potty Pad

Once the tray is clean and dry, place a new grass potty pad refill. Re-introduce your dog to the grass potty so they know it's ready for use.

Additional Tips for Maintaining Dog Grass Pads

Clean the grass potty pad every day.

While a trace of their scent will attract your dog to the pee pads, too much can drive them away. A potty grass that is soaked through with urine or has a lot of solid waste on it will not only make it less appealing but can leave your environment unsanitary as well. When that happens, your dog may start doing their business where they are not supposed to.

So, clean their toilet area at least once a day. Remove the poop after every time your dog potties on the training pad.

Replace your dog grass pee pad with a fresh one after 2-4 weeks.

Real grass pads facilitate an easy cleaning process by absorbing and drying out your dog's urine, so you don't have to clean it as often as a fake grass potty. It also has odor-fighting properties, ensuring a fresh and pleasant environment for longer.

Depending on the size of your pet and how often the dog potty grass is used, we recommend replacing your Gotta Go Grass® pad with a real grass refill every 2-4 weeks.

Use the right size of grass pads

Using an appropriate potty pad size for your dog not only gives them enough space to make the experience feel more natural but also reduces accidents and misses—this is particularly true for large dogs. In addition to your dog's size and breed, the other factors you should consider when buying grass pads are the number of dogs in your home and the frequency of use.

Multi-dog households or pets in dog potty training can benefit from a larger toilet surface area. It can accommodate more fluid, thus prolonging the use of the grass pads between cleaning.

Our Gotta Go Grass® dog grass pad refill fits on a 16x24-inch hard plastic tray and is recommended for dogs under 30 lbs. Interestingly, our trays feature an interlocking system, allowing you to scale your dog's potty pads as necessary. Read here for a comprehensive guide on choosing the right grass pad refill size.

Gotta Go Grass hard plastic tray

Farm-Fresh Dog Grass Pads by Gotta Go Grass®

Fresh dog grass pads offer serious advantages over synthetic grass potty pads. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, using a renewable resource such as natural grass reduces the environmental impact of non-biodegradable materials, thus making real grass potty pads a more sustainable and eco-friendly option.

As far as the maintenance goes, all you have to do is scoop up solids like you would on walks. It can last for weeks, and once it's soiled beyond capacity, you can simply dispose of the old grass and refill your tray with a fresh one.

Lastly, if your dog has accidents elsewhere indoors, puppy pads can be a lifesaver, too, by helping you reinforce positive potty training habits. Useful for indoor and outdoor use, real grass pads are a superior choice to artificial grass for promoting healthy and consistent potty habits in your dog.

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