Real Grass vs. Fake Grass: Why Natural Indoor Grass Pee Pads are Better for Dogs

by Jamie Tedder on Nov 13, 2023

A rottweiler on a green grass lawn; grass pee pad for dogs

In an ideal setting, the outdoors is where your dogs potty. You simply take them outside to let them attend to their bathroom needs, then allow nature to take its course. 

Unfortunately, not every pet and pet owner has easy access to a backyard—and the reality is that dogs will eventually have to relieve themselves, prompting the question of whether artificial grass or living grass is the superior material for their indoor pee pads.

Why Use Indoor Grass Pee Pad for Dogs

A grass pad is an excellent solution to potty train dogs at home. It is also an alternative for dog owners living in high-rise apartments, where getting outside every few hours to let their dog potty isn’t always possible.

Below are some other situations where you’ll find using pee pads for dogs practical.

Apartment Living: In urban settings where outdoor space isn’t easily accessible.

Limited Mobility: For pet owners with limited mobility who find it difficult to take their dogs outside as often as possible.

Long Work Hours: For pet owners with demanding work schedules and limited dog care options.

Senior Dogs & Puppies: For puppies during their potty training phase and elderly dogs with mobility issues or having frequent accidents.

Health Issues: For dogs with health issues or recovering from surgery or illness that makes outdoor trips difficult and uncomfortable.

Extreme Weather Conditions: During severe weather conditions like heavy rain or storms, and you are temporarily confined indoors.

Traveling: When you’re frequently on the go, such as when traveling in an RV or riding a boat, and you’re out for days at a time.


Why Real Grass Pad is Better

A real grass mat is better for dogs than artificial grass in many ways. It’s instinct for dogs to pee or potty on grass because it feels more natural and comfortable. So, when you use a real dog grass pad, you give them a potty experience close to what they feel when they do their business outdoors.

Meanwhile, synthetic grass may look visually the same as real grass to humans, but it’s a different case for dogs. They can confuse artificial turf for other household items like bath mats, rugs, and towels, so they end up peeing on them.

In an attempt to housebreak a puppy or train a dog where to potty, homeowners usually spray a chemical urine substitute on the fake grass. These potty training sprays can harm pets, and prolonged exposure can take a toll on their health. 

Unlike real grass, which naturally absorbs odors and liquids, fake potty grass collects urine and organic matter in a catch tray, which you then have to clean. It also absorbs and retains difficult to eliminate odors, particularly when not regularly cleaned. All these factors make it more challenging to keep artificial grass clean and sanitary.

The good news is that real grass pads are now widely available, providing a much greener alternative to fake grass.

The Benefits of Using Real Potty Grass

Odor and Liquid Absorption

A real grass patch is practically self-cleaning. It absorbs urine and odors naturally, and whatever it can’t absorb stays on the surface. So, you only have to scoop up the bits and pieces of solid matter.

Safe & Natural

With indoor grass potty pads, you don’t have to worry about exposing your dogs to synthetic materials or chemicals that can trigger irritation or allergies. It’s the closest thing you can give your loyal companion to a backyard, while keeping your home safe and sanitary. 


Unlike synthetic counterparts, natural grass is a renewable resource. It means when you opt for a natural dog grass pad, you reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing and disposing of non-biodegradable materials and make a more sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

Easy to Dispose

Depending on the size of your pet and how often they go, it can last anywhere from 1-4 weeks. Afterward, you can easily compost them or throw them in the organic waste bin. 


Natural dog grass has naturally occurring microbes that neutralize odors and break down pet urine, thus keeping it sanitary. There is little to no maintenance required because the unit is fully disposable.

Gotta Go Grass pee pad, the natural grass pet relief option

Gotta Go Grass by Bethel Farms

What makes a real grass pad better than fake grass? 

At Bethel Farms, we get asked that question a lot, and the results speak for themselves—dog owners and dogs love our natural grass dog potty pads.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality farm-grown grass for our indoor dog potties and guarantee the highest safety standards for your pets and the environment. Our Gotta Go Grass pee pads for dogs complement all the benefits of using real grass pads with our innovative snap-and-go interlocking trays that allow you to adjust the size according to your dog’s needs. These features make our reusable pee pads the perfect solution for accommodating small and large dogs.

Ready to #GottaGoGrass? Order your dog grass pad at Bethel Farm today or send us a message, and we’d be happy to answer all your questions about our real grass dog potty pads. 

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