How Gotta Go Grass® Pads Ease Travel with Your Dog

by Jamie Tedder on Apr 15, 2024


Every dog owner dreams of traveling the world with their furry best friend, exploring new places, and creating long-lasting memories. Traveling with your dog has numerous benefits, such as strengthening your bond, providing companionship, and adding an element of fun to your adventures. However, one challenge you may face while traveling is maintaining your dog's bathroom routine.

Imagine cruising in an RV with your dog in the back seat but struggling to give them as many potty breaks as they're used to. The last thing you want is for your dog to have an accident inside the vehicle because you couldn't stop in time.


The Benefits of Traveling with Grass Pads for Dogs

With our dog grass pee pads, Gotta Go Grass® makes traveling with your dog a worry-free experience. Much like how you use them to protect your furniture and floors at home, you can use them to protect your car interior from accidents, providing a convenient and hygienic solution to your dog's bathroom breaks when traveling. Additionally, they offer the benefits of real grass over artificial alternatives, ensuring comfort and ease wherever your travels take you.


Finding an appropriate area for your dog to relieve themselves while traveling can be challenging. Traditional rest stops or roadside areas may be limited, unsanitary, or unfamiliar, making your dog uncomfortable.

With Gotta Go Grass®, you have a portable and convenient potty area for your dog you can easily set up right by your vehicle during potty breaks. When you're traveling in an RV, it ensures your dog has a consistent and familiar place to go. It saves you from the trouble of searching for suitable potty spots, making road trips more enjoyable and stress-free.


Gotta Go Grass® uses real grass, recreating the sensory experience dogs are familiar with when pottying outdoors. Such familiarity can put your dog at ease, making bathroom breaks feel more natural and comfortable.

When your dog is trained to use a grass pad, it will be even easier for it to adapt to new surroundings. Gotta Go Grass® guarantees a consistent and reliable bathroom space for your dog, even when traveling or in unfamiliar environments.



Having a grass pad for your dog offers convenience beyond just road trips. It provides a readily available bathroom space, whether in a remote cabin or a pet-friendly hotel when you reach your destination.

This means your dog has an instant and familiar place to relieve themselves, which can be especially useful when accommodations lack accessible outdoor spaces for pets. Instead of searching for suitable spots in the early morning, you can relax knowing your dog has a convenient and familiar bathroom area. This not only makes your stay more enjoyable but also ensures your pet's comfort and well-being.

Moisture and Odor-Absorbing

Because Gotta Go Grass® is made from real grass, it has natural moisture and odor-absorbing properties to help maintain a sanitary environment. Our grass pee pads for dogs are also treated with pet-safe additives to further aid in odor control. This is particularly useful when traveling or in confined spaces, such as a car or a hotel room.

Its moisture-absorbent material also helps keep the potty area clean and dry for longer periods between changes. This is unlike fake grass alternatives that require more frequent cleaning to drain the urine collected on the tray and prevent lingering odors.

Low-Maintenance and Long-Lasting

With its moisture and odor-absorbing properties, Gotta Go Grass® offers a low-maintenance potty training solution. It can last for up to four weeks, depending on usage, while requiring less maintenance than fake grass pads.

Its long-lasting nature makes it perfect for long road trips or vacations. Moreover, because it's living grass, you can simply throw it in a biodegradable or compostable bin, ensuring an eco-friendly disposal.

For All Breeds

Gotta Go Grass® is a versatile solution for all dogs, regardless of size and breed. Each grass pad measures 16x24 inches, recommended for dogs under 30 lbs. We offer accompanying trays designed with a unique interlocking feature, allowing you to create a larger bathroom surface for larger dogs or multiple dogs. This innovative design ensures that your dog has enough space to comfortably use the grass pad while reducing the risks of accidents and misses.

Grass Pad Maintenance Tips

Maintaining grass pads while traveling is relatively easy and can be done with a few simple steps. Similar to walking your dog, it's important to pick up solid waste after each time your dog poops to keep the grass pad clean.

Lightly water the grass pad occasionally to keep it fresh and hydrated. Additionally, expose it to sunlight from time to time to keep it green and prevent it from looking lackluster. These simple maintenance practices can ensure your grass pad remains in good condition throughout your travels, providing a comfortable and familiar spot for your dog to relieve themselves.

Having biodegradable waste bags handy, stowed away in a waste bag dispenser that keeps them accessible, is also a good idea for quick and easy clean-ups while on the go.


The Gotta Go Grass® Advantage—A Stress-Free Pet Travel

Traveling with your dog should be about creating unforgettable memories, not searching for an appropriate spot for bathroom breaks. Gotta Go Grass® is a life-saver, providing a stress-free solution to this common travel challenge among dog owners.

Our durable, natural, and versatile grass pee pad with a tray provides your dog with a convenient and long-lasting portable potty. Whether on a staycation or a weekend road trip, Gotta Go Grass® will make your travels easier and more enjoyable.

Visit our website to learn more about how Gotta Go Grass® can improve your pet travel experience.

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