How Do You Know If Your Dog Loves You? 6 Signs That Say So

by Jamie Tedder on May 06, 2024


As dog owners, we proudly express our love for our canine companions and cherish the affection they shower upon us. However, amid the wagging tails and eager kisses, many of us haven’t taken the time to truly understand how dogs express their love and affection toward us.

While we may intuitively feel their love, scientific explanations exist for how they respond to affection and demonstrate their love in return.

Does My Dog Love Me? What Research Says

Various clinical studies have delved into the emotional state of dogs, revealing them to be social, emotional beings that respond to human smells and voices. Dogs exhibit a positive response to familiar scents, particularly those of their owners or someone they know. Similarly, they react to happy sounds, such as the comforting tone of our voices.

Additionally, research has shown that dogs, like humans, release oxytocin, or the love hormone, when engaging in positive interactions with their owners, such as snuggling and playing. This hormone release is associated with affectionate behaviors, including wagging their tails, licking, leaning on their owners, and smiling. These demonstrate the depth of their emotional connection and sensitivity to human interaction and underscore the rich communication between us. 

So, if you’ve ever wondered whether your dog loves you, the answer is a resounding yes, and they express it in many ways.


How Can You Tell If Your Dog Loves You?

We express our love for our dogs in many ways, from spending quality time with them to ensuring they have the best things to support their well-being. Providing them with high-quality products, such as plush toys and grass pads for dogs, is a prime example. Dogs also communicate their love in various forms, showing us the depth of their affection.

Tail Wagging

Your dog’s tail is a crucial communication tool with you and other dogs. While a wagging tail doesn’t always mean they are happy, you’ll recognize it as a display of love when they treat you to a full body wiggle, from their shoulders to the tip of their tail. Other signs of their happiness is when their tail is spinning around in circles, slightly raised, or held straight up.


How dogs cuddle may differ from how humans do it. This can range from full-body cuddles to leaning their weight against your legs. For many dogs, this lean is a form of hugging. However, remember that if your dog wants to lean or sit with you, it should always be on their terms, and you should not force them. Some dogs may find it restricting or stressful to have someone’s arms around them.

Happy Greeting

One of the joys of being a pet parent is returning home to your pup eagerly welcoming you with a wagging tail. They may also jump, bark, whine, or let out a happy cry—all signs of their genuine happiness to see you. This excitement is just as evident when your dog greets you while engaged in another activity, such as playing or eating.



Dogs lick as a sign of affection and to communicate various emotions. Licking releases endorphins that help them feel calm and comforted, similar to how hugging can make humans feel. It’s also their way to seek attention, signaling their desire to engage with you and perhaps asking for playtime or cuddle time.

Eye Contact

Dogs are naturally cautious about making direct eye contact, as it can be uncomfortable, similar to how humans feel when someone stares at them. Prolonged eye contact can even be seen as aggressive behavior among dogs. So, when your dog looks at you with soft, relaxed eyes, it shows trust and affection. It’s their way of showing they feel safe and secure in your presence.

Giving Gifts

Sometimes, when your dog brings you their toy, it doesn’t always mean they want to play immediately. Instead, they offer it as a gift, sharing it with you. This behavior shows affection and a desire to share something meaningful with you.

Understanding your pet’s emotions can be challenging, as they don’t communicate like we do. However, these gestures indicate that they feel safe and loved and want to reciprocate the feeling. Recognizing and understanding these behaviors allows you to feel secure in the affection your pet feels for you. By learning your dog's love language, you can deepen your bond and create a stronger, more fulfilling relationship with your furry friend.


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