9 FAQs About Gotta Go Grass Pads for Dogs—Answered!

by Jamie Tedder on Apr 22, 2024


As dog parents, we strive to provide the best for our pets, even in seemingly trivial matters like grass pee pads.

Grass pads have emerged as a great solution for pet owners seeking a convenient bathroom alternative for their dogs. Real grass options like Gotta Go Grass® are even more favored than their artificial grass counterparts due to the various benefits they offer—long-lasting, moisture and odor control, and less maintenance, to name a few. Our grass pee pads provide a hassle-free way to ensure your dog has access to a sanitary potty spot, whether you're apartment living or simply unable to keep up with their bathroom routine.


Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Grass Pee Pads for Dogs

As you research whether grass pads for dogs are right for you, you likely have more questions than answers. This article aims to address some of those questions.

What are grass pads?

A dog grass pee pad consists of a patch of real grass, offering a convenient and natural bathroom solution for your furry friend. Using living grass provides a more natural feel and scent that dogs are instinctively drawn to, recreating the familiar sensory experience they get during bathroom trips outside.

Where can you set up a dog grass pad?

Gotta Go Grass® pads are versatile and can be set up indoors, on balconies, patios, or in any other convenient location. They come with a tray that helps contain liquid waste, preventing it from seeping out and potentially damaging your floors or carpets. This flexibility makes them ideal for urban dwellers or anyone with limited access to an outdoor space.

Do you need a tray?

Trays are essential for containing excess urine over time as the grass pad saturates. While the grass can effectively absorb moisture, it will eventually reach capacity and start seeping through the bottom. The tray prevents this seepage and protects your floors from damage. Our durable plastic trays also feature an interlocking design that allows you to create a larger surface area for larger breeds or multiple dogs.

How long does a grass patch last?

Our Gotta Go Grass® pads are naturally moisture and odor-absorbent. They are enhanced with pet-safe additives to further aid in odor and moisture control, guaranteeing longer usage. Depending on usage and maintenance, each grass pad can remain green for up to four weeks, providing a long-lasting solution for your dog's bathroom needs.


Do you have to water and maintain the grass?

Real grass pads require less maintenance than artificial grass. Since the grass will naturally dry out the urine, you will not have to clean it as often as fake grass. However, occasional watering can help dilute the urine and keep the grass from yellowing. Maintenance should be simple: pick up solid waste immediately as you would during walks. That is why it's important to keep waste bags handy. Some sunlight exposure can also help keep the grass green longer. Read here for more tips on how to maintain your grass pad.

How do you dispose of soiled grass pads?

When it's time for a replacement, simply dispose of the soiled grass. Gotta Go Grass® pads are fully biodegradable and compostable, but check your local guidelines for proper disposal. Wash the tray thoroughly before replacing it with the new grass pad once it arrives to your doorstep.

Can dog grass pads help with puppy potty training?

An indoor grass pad for dogs can be a valuable tool for potty training puppies or dogs that require access to an indoor bathroom due to bad weather, old age, injury, or other health issues. Consistency in training can reinforce good bathroom habits, reduce accidents, and maintain a sanitary environment.

Can you use dog grass pads alongside regular walks?

Using grass pads alongside regular walks provides options for bathroom breaks, providing flexibility and convenience for you and your pet. This is particularly helpful if you're working long hours, during inclement weather, or for pets who relieve themselves often, especially during the night.

What grass pad subscription is best for my dog?

Gotta Go Grass® offers a subscription service that delivers a fresh patch of grass to your doorstep on a weekly to monthly basis, ensuring you never run out and eliminating the need to place orders regularly. The best subscription for you depends on your dog's usage. For dogs who primarily use the grass pad as a bathroom or for households with multiple dogs, a weekly or bi-weekly supply of fresh grass may be ideal.

Our grass typically ships in 3-7 days. Orders placed from Friday to Sunday will not ship until the following Monday to avoid weekend shipping stalls. Delays may also occur due to public holidays.


Gotta Go Grass®—An Eco-Friendly Bathroom Solution for Your Dog

Gotta Go Grass® provides a convenient, sanitary, accessible bathroom solution your dog will love. Understanding how to use and maintain these grass pads can extend their use, thus maximizing your investment. Overall, indoor grass pads provide versatility and peace of mind, ensuring your furry companion has a comfortable place to relieve themselves anytime.

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