Maintaining Hygiene with Indoor Grass Pee Pad for Dogs

by Jamie Tedder on Dec 12, 2023


Potty pads.

They may not be the highlight of your home decor, but for many pet parents navigating apartment living, they’re a practical solution to maintaining cleanliness. Most would agree that having a designated space for your dog’s potty breaks is way better than the surprise of finding pet waste elsewhere in the house.

Who Gets a Dog Grass Pad?

Indoor potty training can be a lifesaver for pet owners and their pets—particularly those who work long hours and those living in regions that experience harsh weather conditions or in condominiums and high-rise apartments with limited access to an outdoor environment.

Potty pads are great for smaller breeds, puppies that have yet to be vaccinated, and dogs who are old, injured, or suffering from urinary incontinence. Using indoor grass pads for dogs offers more benefits, such as the ease of clean up and recreating a familiar environment to ensure your dog's comfort during potty. With proper use and maintenance, it can contribute to a cleaner space for you and your pet.

How to Maintain Cleanliness at Home When Living with Pets

Many studies have consistently highlighted the benefits of having a dog at home. From reducing stress and anxiety to promoting physical activity and social engagement, a dog's presence contributes significantly to our overall well-being and quality of life.

But while a canine companion makes us happier and healthier, ensuring their health requires fostering good hygiene habits and maintaining a clean home.

1. Potty Train Your Dog

Teaching your dog to go potty in designated indoor areas helps keep your space clean. Start training around 12 weeks when they can better control their urges. Below are some tips for more successful potty training.

  • Follow a strict feeding and potty schedule.
  • Take them to the grass pad at least once every 30 minutes or when they wake up, after every meal, after playtime, and before bed.
  • Praise your dog or give them special treats for every successful potty.
  • Teach your dog to communicate when they need to go.

2. Designate a Feeding Area for Your Dog and Keep It Clean

By designating a space for your dog's meals, you not only create a clear boundary between eating and other activities but also minimize mess and foster a hygienic environment. Additionally, this designated space establishes a routine for your pet. To further support good hygiene practices, place a tray between their food and water bowls to contain spills and make cleanup more manageable. Ensure that their feeding area is separate from their bathroom as well.

3. Keep Cleaning Materials Handy

Accidents can happen, even among potty-trained dogs. While you can't predict when these accidents will happen, you can proactively prepare yourself for such situations by keeping cleaning materials handy. Keep stain removers, disposable gloves, and mild soap easily accessible so you can clean up any unexpected mess.

4. Vacuum Regularly

A dog in your household inevitably comes with shedding. Even breeds categorized as non-shedding or dogs out of shedding season can leave hair everywhere, particularly on furniture. Vacuuming regularly does a more thorough job of maintaining a clean and fur-free living space than simply sweeping the floor.

5. Keep Your Dog Healthy and Clean

Keeping your dog clean between baths is also fundamental to maintaining a clean environment. Brush your pet's fur coat to remove broken and unhealthy air. It will reduce the pet hair scattered in your living space and protect your pet from itchy skin and potential skin infections.

While you can't prevent your dog from enjoying the outdoors, you can lessen the dirt they bring into your home by checking and wiping their paws whenever they come inside. You can also wash their feet 2-3 times weekly to manage dirt.


How to Clean Dog Grass Pads

Artificial grass pads use a layer of fake grass with a plastic or rubber tray underneath to collect and contain liquids. These require daily cleaning to prevent odors and keep your environment sanitary. But, over time, these smells can linger and become more challenging to eliminate. As a pet owner, it means spending more time on cleaning and maintenance.

Meanwhile, as far as maintenance goes with real grass puppy pads, all you have to do is pick up the solid waste, as you would when walking your dog, and the grass will naturally absorb any liquid. Although it may require little maintenance, most of your effort will be directed toward keeping the dog grass pad clean to encourage your dog to keep using it.

Remove Solid Waste

Clean up dog waste from the puppy pad immediately after a potty break to prevent the spread of unpleasant odors and the potential growth of bacteria.

Wash the Tray

Our Gotta Go Grass® real grass pee pad refills come with a reusable plastic tray. Each pad can last up to four weeks, and once soiled, you can easily discard it in the compostable bin. Then, wash the tray with mild soap and warm water.

Refill Your Tray

Let your tray dry before refilling it with a fresh grass pad. Read here for a more comprehensive guide on how to refill real grass pad for dogs.


Keep a Sanitary Home with Gotta Go Grass®

Our Gotta Go Grass® living grass pad solutions are designed to facilitate a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor potty training. But beyond that, the entire unit is made with ease of cleaning in mind.

Because it effectively absorbs and dries out your dog's urine, you don't have to clean it as often as fake grass. It also has natural odor-fighting properties to ensure a fresh and pleasant-smelling environment for longer. Depending on the size of your dog and how often it is used, we recommend replacing your fresh grass pad every 2-4 weeks. Simply discard it and refill the tray with a fresh one and it's good to go.

As responsible pet owners, your commitment to maintaining a clean home should extend beyond good personal hygiene to include the well-being of your dog. Embracing these habits not only ensures a clean and comfortable living space but also reinforces the bond with your canine companion.

Discover the sanitary benefits of Gotta Go Grass® real grass pads. Shop on our website today!

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