How to Sign-Up for Gotta Go Grass® Subscription

by Jamie Tedder on May 29, 2024


Living in an apartment or juggling a busy schedule can make keeping up with your dog's bathroom schedule a real challenge. Whether it's navigating multiple flights of stairs, waiting in long queues at the elevator, managing long work hours, or dealing with unpredictable weather, ensuring your canine companion has a convenient and reliable bathroom alternative can be a lifesaver.

Gotta Go Grass® offers a practical solution with our natural grass pads for dogs. These pads provide a convenient and sanitary space for your dog to relieve themselves, whether you place them indoors, outdoors, or on a balcony.

You can buy these grass pads as a one-time purchase or opt for our subscription delivery service to enjoy discounts and ensure you never run out of supply.


Why Subscribe to Gotta Go Grass® Delivery

Gotta Go Grass® delivers farm-fresh grass cultivated in a weed-free and toxic-free environment to provide a safe, convenient, and sanitary bathroom alternative for your dog any time of the day. We proudly serve 47 states across the US, helping thousands of pet parents in their potty training journey. Our grass patches are a more eco-friendly solution, transitioning dogs from artificial grass and single-use pee pads to natural, living grass.

By providing an accessible bathroom space for your pet, you can significantly reduce indoor accidents. Each grass patch uses real grass, cutting training time as it recreates the familiar environment they associate with the outdoors. Overall, this makes housetraining seamless and more efficient for you and your pet.

Effective: Dogs instinctively prefer grass, making transitioning to our grass pads seamless and natural.

Long-Lasting: Each dog grass pad lasts up to four weeks, depending on usage. This longevity ensures the grass stays fresh and functional longer between changes.

Convenient: Gotta Go Grass® can be set up indoors, outdoors, or even when traveling, providing unparalleled convenience. It is a portable solution made to adapt to your lifestyle.

Completely Safe: Our grass is grown in a weed-free and toxic-free environment, providing a safe potty area for your dog.

Less Maintenance Needed: With its natural moisture and odor-absorbent properties, you don't have to clean your Gotta Go Grass® as often as fake grass. This makes it easier and less time-consuming to maintain.

Great Customer Service: We take pride in our customer service. But don't take our word for it—see what our customers say with these Gotta Go Grass® reviews. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you, ensuring a positive experience with our brand.


How Often to Get Your Grass Pad for Dogs Delivered

The frequency and quantity of your grass pad deliveries depend on several factors. These include the size and age of your dog, the number of dogs in the household, and how often the grass pad is being used—whether it serves as their primary bathroom or just at night or during bad weather.

Larger dogs or households with multiple pets may require more frequent fresh patch deliveries to maintain a clean and fresh bathroom area.

Choosing the Right Delivery Schedule

Each Gotta Go Grass® pad measures 16 inches by 24 inches and is recommended for dogs under 30 lbs. Select the delivery frequency that matches your pet's needs—weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, or four-weekly deliveries. Each pad is made from high-quality and durable grass, providing a familiar and hygienic environment for your pet's well-being.

Weekly Delivery: Weekly deliveries are great for dogs who pee often, puppies not yet going on walks, and dogs who use the grass pad for all their bathroom breaks. This option ensures the highest level of hygiene with a fresh grass pad delivered every week.

Bi-Weekly Delivery: For small to medium-sized dogs with moderate usage, a delivery every two weeks is recommended. With proper maintenance, it ensures freshness with little to no odor.

Tri-Weekly Delivery: This option is perfect if every two weeks is too often for your needs, but you want to keep your grass fresher than a monthly delivery. It strikes a balance between freshness and cost-efficiency.

Four-Weekly Delivery: The most cost-effective option, this subscription offers a single delivery every four weeks, providing a consistent bathroom space for your pet. This is great for dogs with lower usage or for those who primarily use the grass pads at night.

Ready to Get Started?

If you're still unsure how often you should change your grass pad, a great way to find the right schedule is to start with a one-time delivery or sign up for any subscription and adjust it as necessary. Ordering is simple and flexible—log in to your account to manage your subscription anytime.

Our team is always here to help. Contact us via our website for personalized assistance and specific requests. We're committed to making the potty training process as smooth and convenient as possible for you and your pet.


Subscribe and Save with a Gotta Go Grass® Subscription

A subscription to Gotta Go Grass automates your orders, taking one task off your plate and, even better, saving you money on your pet essentials. We guarantee a fresh grass pad delivered to your doorstep, on your preferred schedule, ready for immediate use.

How often do you think you should order your grass pads? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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