How to Set Up an Indoor Dog Waste Station Using Gotta Go Grass

by Briana Harris on Sep 06, 2023

How to Set Up an Indoor Dog Waste Station Using Gotta Go Grass

The evolution of pet care solutions in urban settings has witnessed remarkable innovations. As pet parents become increasingly conscious of their pets' well-being, the demand for sustainable and practical solutions has risen. Enter Gotta Go Grass—a revolutionary approach to indoor potty solutions. So, why is this such a game-changer? Let's embark on a comprehensive guide to understand, set up, and maintain this incredible product.

1.The Unique Appeal of Gotta Go Grass

At first glance, Gotta Go Grass might seem like another pet product. However, the distinctions are profound. Unlike synthetic pee pads, which are environmentally taxing and less effective, Gotta Go Grass brings the outdoors inside. It offers an authentic grass experience that appeals to dogs' instincts. Grown with care on our family farm guarantees quality and safety. Natural grass has inherent enzymes that neutralize odors, providing a fresher ambiance and reducing indoor air pollutants.

2. Identifying the Perfect Spot

When it comes to pet care, especially training, consistency is paramount. Identifying a spot your dog is instinctively drawn to is crucial. This requires observation in the initial days. However, avoiding areas near their food and water bowls is best. While the cozy feel of a carpet is tempting, think long-term. Hard, easy-to-clean surfaces, like tiles or wooden floors, are more practical.

3. Laying the Groundwork

Before introducing Gotta Go Grass to your home, some preliminary preparations can make the transition smoother. First, ensure the floor is impeccably clean. Any residual smells might confuse your dog. The genius of Gotta Go Grass lies in its design—it comes with a specially designed leakproof tray. This tray acts as a shield when placed correctly, preventing accidental spills or overflows. This effectively negates the need for additional mats or layers.

4. Positioning Your Grass

Once your area is prepped, it's time to roll out the green carpet. Unpack your Gotta Go Grass and lay it down in the tray. The thickness and density of the grass are tailored to handle your dog's needs adeptly. However, it might be wise to consider multiple patches for households with larger breeds or numerous fur buddies. This ensures that the grass doesn't get over-saturated.

5. The Introduction Phase

Change, no matter how positive, can be unsettling initially. Your canine companion might need some time to adjust to this new setup. Guide them to the grass after their meals, during their usual potty times, or when you notice signs of restlessness. Familiar commands, consistent guidance, and heaps of positive reinforcement are your best allies during this phase.

6. Maintenance & Longevity Insights

Its surprisingly low-maintenance nature sets Gotta Go Grass apart from other solutions. With standard daily use, most users replace the grass pad every two to four weeks. But remember, this isn't a one-size-fits-all scenario. The longevity of your grass pad hinges on several factors, like the size of your dog, the number of pets using it, and the frequency of usage.

To prolong the life of your grass pad, occasional watering can help. However, moderation is key. While some moisture can freshen the grass, an overly wet patch might not appeal to your pup. After all, which of us likes stepping onto soggy ground?

Water Grass


7. Sustainable Disposal Methods

In today's environmentally conscious world, the biodegradability of Gotta Go Grass is a significant boon. It seamlessly aligns with the principles of sustainable living. As it's time for a change, you can either compost your old grass pad or employ eco-friendly disposal methods, ensuring a reduced carbon pawprint.

8. Gotta Go Grass vs. Conventional Potty Pads: A Comparative Study

To truly appreciate the value proposition of Gotta Go Grass, let's compare it to traditional potty pads:

  • Natural Absorption vs. Chemical Soak: Conventional pads often use chemicals to absorb liquid. In contrast, Gotta Go Grass harnesses nature's genius. Its real soil foundation mimics nature's process, offering superior absorption and odor control.
  • Farm Fresh vs. Factory Made: The distinction is palpable. Gotta Go Grass promises and delivers a farm-fresh experience without harmful chemicals, ensuring your pet's paws and health remain uncompromised.
  • Interlocking Trays vs. Shifting Pads: One of the perennial issues with regular pads is their tendency to bunch up or shift. With its pioneering interlocking tray system, Gotta Go Grass offers stability and flexibility, enabling customization for every canine size and need.
  • Odor Control—Nature's Way: Artificial fragrances are a mere cover-up. With its soil and grass, Gotta Go Grass neutralizes odors organically, enhancing indoor air quality.

9. Real-life Scenarios Where Gotta Go Grass Shines

Gotta Go Grass isn't just an indoor potty solution— it's a lifestyle upgrade. Whether you're braving stormy weather, a traveler with a furry co-traveler, residing in a high-rise apartment, navigating an unsafe neighborhood, or simply valuing your midnight peace, Gotta Go Grass has you covered. It promises convenience, security, and a touch of nature, even in the most urban and turbulent settings.

Rainy Weather


Gotta Go Grass is a harmonious blend of innovation and nature. It encapsulates the essence of modern pet care—convenience coupled with sustainability. By choosing this, you ensure a happier pet and a healthier planet. It's more than a product; it's a movement towards responsible and sophisticated pet care. So, as the storm clouds gather or you're swamped with work, rest easy knowing your canine friend has a slice of nature waiting indoors. Embrace Gotta Go Grass and witness a transformative journey for you and your pet.

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