7 Reasons Dog Parents Swear By Gotta Go Grass® Pads for Dogs

by Jamie Tedder on Feb 26, 2024


As a pet owner, there's joy in being able to take your dog on a nice, long walk outdoors, where they can play, run, and relieve themselves on natural grass. However, living in the city without immediate access to a private backyard or nearby park can make this seemingly inherent routine challenging.

Whether you live in a high-rise apartment or several floors up in a condominium, Gotta Go Grass® pee pads emerge as a great indoor bathroom solution that dog owners swear by for its convenience, sustainability, and dog-friendliness, among other benefits.


The Benefits of Gotta Go Grass® Potty Pads for Dogs

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of a fresh patch of grass pee pads for dogs and why real dog owners swear by Gotta Go Grass® as the top choice for their pups.


Gotta Go Grass® is an indoor bathroom solution for dogs, providing easy access to a fresh patch of grass when it's not feasible to let them outside. It is particularly useful for working fur parents who may not always be available to take their dogs out during the day or in inclement weather.

You can place these grass pads in various locations around your home, including indoors, on the porch, patio, or balcony. This flexibility ensures that your dog has a designated bathroom space in a convenient location, regardless of the circumstances.


Adding to the versatility of Gotta Go Grass® is that it can serve as an indoor bathroom solution for various situations. It is useful for puppies that have yet to complete their vaccinations and are not allowed outside, small dogs that need to relieve themselves more often, dogs recovering from illness or injury, or older dogs with mobility issues or urinary incontinence.

This bathroom solution allows them to experience the outdoors from the comfort of home, providing a familiar and convenient space they associate with potty breaks.

Potty Training

Moreover, Gotta Go Grass® can be a valuable tool for potty training your dog. By consistently placing the pee pad in a designated area, you are teaching your dog to associate that space with potty breaks.

Dogs instinctively prefer real grass over fake alternatives, which can be confusing for them as it resembles other items in the house like rugs, towels, and furniture. The natural grass texture of Gotta Go Grass® replicates the outdoor environment. By using it for potty training, you can take advantage of your dog's instincts, making the process easier and more successful, while reducing accidents indoors.


Ease of Cleaning

Because it is made of living grass, Gotta Go Grass® naturally absorbs liquids and controls odors, reducing the frequency of cleanings necessary. It is contrary to fake grass which requires almost daily cleaning to prevent lingering smell, and even with regular maintenance, it can retain odors over time, becoming unsanitary.

Overall, real grass pads eliminate the need for extensive cleaning and upkeep associated with artificial grass pads, providing a convenient, hassle-free, and more hygienic solution for pet owners.


Think about the number of single-use disposable pee pads that end up in landfills. With all-natural solutions like real grass pads, you'll never have to feel guilty about the amount of non-recyclable waste you are going through.

Gotta Go Grass® is all-natural, fully disposable, and biodegradable. Depending on the use — based on factors such as how often your dog uses it or how many dogs you have at home — each pad can last up to four weeks. Once it reaches the end of its lifespan, simply dispose of the entire unit in the compostable bin, wash the tray, and replace it with a fresh patch of grass.

Long-Term Cost-Savings

While natural bathroom solutions like Gotta Go Grass® seem more expensive initially, they are actually more cost-effective in the long run. It's easy to be convinced to try cheaper alternatives like pee pads or fake grass, but the constant cleanup and replacement costs can easily add up, making them more costly than they seem.

Real grass potty pads for dogs, on the other hand, last way longer, usually up to four weeks. This longer lifespan not only saves you money but also reduces the time and effort spent on maintenance, making them a more economical option over time.


A single-refill Gotta Go Grass®, measuring 16 inches by 24 inches, can conveniently accommodate puppies, and small and medium-sized dogs weighing under 30 lbs. But it is designed to pair seamlessly with a durable plastic tray with an interlocking feature that allows you to easily scale up the bathroom area to accommodate large dogs.

Whether you have a new puppy, a small dog, or a large breed, our flexible solutions guarantee to accommodate your varying needs. The sturdy construction of the tray ensures it can withstand daily use and effectively contain any waste, preventing it from seeping through your floors and carpets.

outdoor grass pad for dogs

Gotta Go Grass® — The Natural Relief Solution for Dogs

At Gotta Go Grass®, we are committed to providing high-quality, farm-grown grass for our dog potty pads. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in safety, cleanliness, and dog-friendliness because we're pet owners too. We understand the importance of natural, dog-safe solutions to create a healthy environment for your furry family members.

Dogs and dog owners everywhere love our real grass pads, and we're excited for you to experience the Gotta Go Grass® difference.

Make the switch today and order your first fresh patch of grass from our website!

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