Gotta Go Grass Refill + Waste Bag Dispenser

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Gotta Go Grass Refill + Waste Bag Dispenser

Regular price $37.98
Sale price $37.98 Regular price
Product Description

Introducing our Gotta Go Grass Refill Bundle- the ultimate eco-friendly and natural solution for your dog's potty needs. This innovative product, available as a single refill features one 16-inch x 24-inch refill, is perfect for pets of all ages and under 30Ibs. Gotta Go Grass is a durable, all-natural grass pad suited for pet potty breaks or relaxation, wherever convenience is needed. Whether you work late, live a few floors up, get stuck in extreme weather, or your young pet is still house training, Gotta Go Grass is your solution.

Bundle Includes:  

  • 1 Gotta Go Grass Grass Pad  (tray not included) 
  • 1 Gotta Go Grass Dog Waste Bag Dispenser 

Gotta Go Grass Grass Pad: Revolutionize your pet's potty training and outdoor convenience with our Gotta Go Grass Pad. This living, healthy grass grown in real soil provides a familiar and pet-safe potty area. It features natural odor and absorption control, ensuring a fresh and clean environment for your furry friend. 

Gotta Go Grass Dog Waste Bag Dispenser: Our Gotta Go Grass Dog Waste Bag Dispenser is the perfect companion for our eco-friendly waste bags! By choosing this holder, you're not only opting for convenience and style, but you're also showing your support for a brand dedicated to sustainable practices. 


Key Features: 

  1. Natural Grass Pad: Made from living, healthy grass grown in real soil, providing a familiar and pet-safe potty area. 
  2. Odor Control: Natural absorption and odor control in the grass pad ensure a fresh and clean environment for your pet. 
  3. Eco-Friendly: Supports eco-conscious pet care practices by using natural grass instead of synthetic alternatives. 
  4. Easy Cleanup: The grass pad simplifies pet waste disposal, making cleanup hassle-free and environmentally responsible. 
  5. Eco-Conscious Commitment: Supporting Gotta Go Grass means you're backing a brand committed to eco-conscious initiatives. 
  6. Compact and Convenient: Designed for the active dog owner, these lightweight holders ensure waste bags are always within arm's reach, attaching easily to leashes, belts, or bags. 
  7. Versatile Storage: Can accommodate Gotta Go Grass Dog Waste Bags as well as other standard rolls, adding flexibility to your pet care routine. 
  8. Sleek and Stylish: Multiple color and design options allow you to express your style while supporting eco-friendly brands. 
  9. Durable and Ergonomic: Crafted from sturdy materials with an ergonomic design for ease of use. 
  10. Paving the Way for Sustainability: Walking with our holder and biodegradable bags symbolizes your journey towards a greener future, both for your pet and the planet. 

Bundle Benefits: With our Gotta Go Grass Refill Bundle (tray not included), you're providing top-notch care for your pet and contributing to a healthier planet. Order now to embrace a cleaner, greener, and more convenient way to care for your pet, while also promoting sustainable living and responsible pet ownership!

Order now to enjoy these key features and provide your furry friend with the best in pet care while promoting eco-friendly practices, convenience, and style! 

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