How to Potty Train Your Dog During Winter: Grass Potty Pads

by Jamie Tedder on Nov 17, 2023

How to Potty Train Your Dog During Winter: Grass Potty Pads

Winter can be a challenging time for both dogs and dog owners. The cold weather can make outdoor walks less appealing, and some dogs outright refuse to brave the cold air.

While the Florida climate is consistently warm, and we hardly get any snow, we get the occasional cold air outbreaks with below-freezing temperatures during winter. These are accompanied by strong winds that send us bitterly cold wind chills, making our pets reluctant to go potty outside.

In these situations, using Gotta Go Grass indoor dog potty pads is an excellent idea to help warm-weather-inclined dogs do their business and avoid potty accidents indoors.

How to Potty Train Your Dog During Winter

Dogs thrive on predictability; sticking to a routine is essential for their physical and mental well-being. Whether you’re experiencing winter or traveling to a place prone to heavy snow, below are some guidelines on potty-training your dog during inclement weather.

1. Restrict Indoor Access

Keep your dog on a leash, pen, or a cage while supervised. Giving them free access to the entire house initially can set them up for potty failure. Check out our blog to learn more about common dog potty training mistakes.

2. Use Commands

When you notice signs that they have to go, say a designated command like “go potty” and take them to their designated indoor dog potty area

3. Positive Reinforcement

Praise your dog and offer them a small treat—preferably exclusive for potty—after successfully using their indoor dog potty.

4. No Punishment

Even when your dog is potty-trained, accidents can still happen. If it happens, it’s important not to punish them. Instead, if you catch them in the act, firmly say “no” and then quickly guide them to their designated indoor dog potty area.

5. Schedule Feeding

Feed your dog on a schedule to help regulate their bathroom breaks and reduce the likelihood of accidents. Along that same line, take your dog to their potty pads every 2-3 hours or after their sleep, play, and eating periods.

Your dog may be trained to potty outdoors. But when winter rolls in, taking them out can get tricky. The same situation applies when you use dog grass pee pads outdoors because you then have to adjust your usual dog bathroom routine to accommodate the weather. 

Patience and consistency are essential to successful toilet training during winter. Stick to this routine for about two weeks without accidents before gradually giving your dog more freedom. If accidents happen afterward, repeat the previous steps to re-establish good habits.


The Benefits of Using Indoor Grass Potty Pads for Dogs

Potty problems during winter are common, particularly for pets that haven’t experienced snow and small dogs that struggle with the cold. While many use pee pads when housebreaking their dogs, part of its appeal is that they provide a convenient potty solution—whatever the weather.

As puppies, dogs learn early what surfaces are suitable for potty, like grass. They are naturally drawn to and prefer them when eliminating. Using real grass for dog pads offers many benefits rooted in that instinctual behavior.

Familiarity and Comfort

Gotta Go Grass uses real grass, replicating the smell, feel, and overall experience of the outdoor environment, providing a sense of familiarity. It also reinforces the cues that pets associate with potty, which helps them recognize the puppy pads as an acceptable alternative for potty.

Natural Sensory Recognition

Dogs unfamiliar with frost, ice, and snow may become reluctant to head outdoors. Even if they do, they may not immediately associate these surfaces with potty and have difficulty going. Real grass potty pads are a convenient solution that dogs are more likely to recognize, facilitating a seamless transition from outdoor to indoor potty.

Comfort and Safety

While most dogs will tolerate a walk in the snow, it can be a different case for small breeds, elderly dogs, and short-haired dog breeds. If your dog is used to going to the toilet outdoors but doesn’t want to step outside, a fresh grass pad may help tide them over until the winter spell passes through. 

Low Maintenance

Unlike artificial grass, our real grass pads require minimal cleaning. It naturally neutralizes odor, absorbs moisture, and breaks down pet waste, significantly reducing the need for extensive cleaning routines. 


As a natural material, the grass used on our puppy pads decomposes over time, making it an eco-friendly solution for pet owners. It also eliminates the need for excessive water usage associated with maintaining fake grass, and by the time it reaches the end of its use, you can easily dispose of the soiled grass by composting or throwing it in a biodegradable bin.


Real Grass Dog Pads by Gotta Go Grass

We understand the struggle. With Gotta Go Grass, we make potty time convenient and mess-free, no matter the weather. Our real grass pads offer all the benefits of using natural grass with our snap-and-go interlocking tray feature, which allows you to scale the pad as your pup grows. Our product also guarantees easy cleaning—when the grass pad is soiled, simply throw it in your compost bin and refill your tray with a new one! 

Bad weather can strike anytime, and preparing your dogs with indoor bathroom solutions ensures they have access to a potty backup spot anytime they go. 

Order your Gotta Go Grass today! Visit our website to learn more.

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