Dog's Bathroom Habits Ruining Your Lawn? Here's the Fix

by Jamie Tedder on Oct 11, 2023

Dog Urine Ruining Lawn

Your green lawn is a source of pride and joy. It's where you play catch with your kids, have picnics with friends, and simply enjoy the beauty of nature right outside your door. But if you're a dog owner, you might have noticed an unsightly problem creeping into your otherwise perfect lawn: yellow patches, brown spots, and the unmistakable signs of dog bathroom habits wreaking havoc on your once-pristine grass. 

Don't worry! We know how frustrating it can be to handle the results of your dog's bathroom breaks. In this article, we'll discuss how dogs impact your lawn, the science behind their bathroom habits, and, most importantly, we'll introduce you to a solution that can protect your lawn and make your dog happy - Gotta Go Grass dog bathroom. 

The Problem: How Dogs Affect Your Lawn 

Before we delve into the solution, let's understand the problem. Dogs can be a joy, but their bathroom habits can take a toll on your lawn in several ways: 

  1. Urine Burns and Brown Spots

Have you ever noticed those unsightly brown spots on your lawn, especially in areas where your dog frequently urinates? These are caused by the nitrogen in dog urine, which can overwhelm the grass and cause it to die, leaving you with dead patches on an otherwise green lawn. 

  1. Digging and Uprooting Grass

Dogs, especially puppies, have an instinct to dig. Whether they're burying a treasure or simply enjoying the sensation of digging, this can lead to uprooted grass and messy holes in your yard. This behavior can be especially problematic if your lawn is already struggling due to urine burns. 

Understanding Dog Bathroom Behavior 

To address the issue effectively, it's essential to understand why dogs choose certain spots to relieve themselves and how their behavior impacts your lawn. 

  1. Why Dogs Choose Specific Spots

Dogs have a strong sense of smell, and they use it to identify suitable places to relieve themselves. Often, they'll choose spots that already smell like urine, which can create a vicious cycle of repeated bathroom breaks in the same area. 

  1. The Role of Territorial Marking and Scent

The study "Scent-Marking Behavior in a Group of Free-Ranging Domestic Dogs" authored by Simona Cafazzo and her colleagues delves into the behavioral biology of territorial marking and scent in dogs. The research findings highlight that dogs utilize scent marking to define property boundaries and demonstrate dominance during conflicts. This behavior is observed in both male and female dogs and serves as a means of communication, potentially also conveying reproductive signals. 

  1. The Effect of Diet on Urine

Believe it or not, your dog's diet can impact the acidity and concentration of their urine, which in turn affects the severity of urine burns. Dietary changes can help mitigate this issue, but they may not completely solve the problem. 

Soil Health and Water Pollution Concerns 

It's not just your lawn's appearance that's at stake; it's also the health of the soil and the environment. Here's how your dog's bathroom habits can contribute to soil degradation and water pollution. 

Soil Health 

The excess nitrogen in dog urine can damage the delicate balance of nutrients in your soil. It leads to soil acidification, making it inhospitable for the growth of grass and other plants. As a result, you're left with bare patches in your lawn, and your once-thriving greenery withers away. 

Water Pollution 

When it rains, the nitrogen-rich runoff from your lawn, contaminated by your dog's urine, can enter local water bodies, such as streams and rivers. This can cause a phenomenon called eutrophication, in which excessive nutrients in the water lead to harmful algal blooms. These blooms can deplete oxygen in the water, harm aquatic life, and compromise the overall health of the ecosystem.

Introducing Gotta Go Grass 

Now that we've explored the problem and the science behind it, let's turn our attention to the solution: Gotta Go Grass. 

Gotta Go Grass is a revolutionary solution designed to address the challenges posed by dog bathroom habits while keeping your lawn green and healthy. What sets Gotta Go Grass apart is its use of real grass as a dog potty solution, sourced At Bethel Farms, a family-owned farm, we're fellow pet owners who deeply appreciate the strong connection you have with your furry companions.  

Gotta Go Grass

The Benefits of Real Grass 

Natural Absorption:  

Real grass naturally absorbs urine, preventing it from pooling on the surface and causing damage. 

Odor Control:

Unlike synthetic options, real grass provides natural odor control, keeping your outdoor space smelling fresh. 

Environmental Benefits:  

Real grass is eco-friendly and biodegradable, making it an environmentally responsible choice. 

How Gotta Go Grass Solves the Problem 

Now, let's delve into how Gotta Go Grass effectively addresses the problem of dogs damaging your lawn. 

  1. Preventing Urine Damage

Gotta Go Grass offers a dedicated bathroom area for your dog, ensuring your lawn remains unscathed from urine spots. The natural grass efficiently soaks up urine, differing significantly from its synthetic counterparts. By opting for Gotta Go Grass, your dog will be encouraged to relieve itself there instead of on your lawn, protecting your outdoor space from unsightly yellowing. 

  1. Providing a Convenient Solution

Your dog gets a comfortable and natural bathroom experience, and you get a lawn that remains lush and green. It's a win-win situation. 

  1. Simplifying Lawn Maintenance

With Gotta Go Grass, you'll spend less time and effort trying to repair your lawn. It streamlines your lawn care routine, giving you more time to enjoy your outdoor space. 

Step-by-Step Guide for Training Your Dog to Use Gotta Go Grass 

Training your dog to use Gotta Go Grass can be a simple and rewarding process. Follow these steps to make the transition to a new dog bathroom area easy for both you and your furry friend: 

Step 1: Choose a Relaxing Location 

Begin by finding a calm and comfortable location in your home or outdoor space where you'll place the Gotta Go Grass. 

Step 2: Set Up Gotta Go Grass 

Position the Gotta Go Grass tray with the grass in the chosen location. Ensure its secure and won't move around. 

Step 3: Use the Leash 

Encourage your dog to explore the new dog bathroom area by placing her regularly used leash directly on the Gotta Go Grass. 

Step 4: Observe Your Dog's Behavior 

Watch how your dog reacts to the grass. If she's hesitant, take a seat beside the grass and invite her to join you. 

Step 5: Encourage Interaction 

Encourage positive behaviors such as smelling and pawing at the grass. Make it a pleasant experience for your dog. 

Step 6: Mimic a Walk Outside 

During the training, try to create a similar atmosphere to a walk outside to make Gotta Go Grass more appealing to your dog. Your comfort and positive attitude can help your dog feel at ease. 

Step 7: Be Patient and Use Positive Reinforcement 

Remember, patience, praise, and positive reinforcement are key to success. Whenever your dog uses Gotta Go Grass, offer plenty of praise and perhaps a treat as a reward.

Encourage your dog

Bottomline, if your dog's bathroom habits are causing distress for your lawn, there's an effective solution: Gotta Go Grass. Unlike synthetic alternatives, this real grass solution also provides natural odor control, keeping your outdoor area smelling fresh. In addition to its practical benefits, Gotta Go Grass is eco-friendly and biodegradable, making it a responsible choice for the environment. 

By designating a specific bathroom area for your dog, Gotta Go Grass not only prevents urine damage but also simplifies your lawn maintenance routine. You'll find yourself spending less time and effort repairing your lawn, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor space. Now is the time to take action and make the switch to Gotta Go Grass to rescue your lawn from further harm. 

With Gotta Go Grass, your once-lush, green yard can return to being a source of pride and joy. You can once again engage in outdoor activities with your children, host picnics with friends, and appreciate the natural beauty right outside your door. Opt for the choice that benefits both your lawn and the environment ‚Äď choose Gotta Go Grass today for a greener, healthier yard for you and your beloved pet.¬†

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