Helping Your Dog Navigate All Kinds of Wild Weather

by Jamie Tedder on Sep 21, 2023

Dog Navigate All Kinds of Wild Weather

Whether it's dark, moody clouds promising a downpour, a fierce snowstorm turning everything into a winter wonderland, or even the warning signs of a looming hurricane, extreme weather can make us a little anxious. And our dogs? They might wish for a simple, cozy evening with a chew toy and their favorite TV show. Since our four-legged friends depend on us to guide them through these challenging times, here's a comprehensive guide to ensure your pup stays comfortable and safe, no matter what Mother Nature throws our way.

Figuring Out If Your Dog is Nervous:

    • Physical signs: Faster panting, shaking, pacing, or a concerned whimper might indicate they're uneasy.
    • Behavioral clues: Extra clinginess, hiding, destructive behavior, or skipping meals are telltale signs. Watch for changes when the weather turns, as each dog reacts differently.

Creating a Cozy Safe Haven: Whether it's a thunderstorm, blizzard, or strong hurricane winds, having a safe and quiet spot can ease their nerves. This could be a snug corner, their favorite bed, or even their crate. Adding familiar toys and a comforting scent can make a world of difference.

Indoor Potty Solutions for Extreme Weather: Harsh weather conditions might discourage your dog from stepping out. Gotta Go Grass is a fantastic indoor option. This indoor grass patch can be beneficial when going outside isn’t an option during hurricanes, snowstorms, or thunderstorms.

Gotta Go Grass

Familiarizing Them with Different Weather Noises: Rain isn't the only weather that can spook our pets. The howling winds of a hurricane or the eerie silence during heavy snowfall can be unsettling. Play various weather sounds at low volumes and reward calm behavior to help them adjust.

Preparing Your Space for Safety: Before extreme weather hits, whether it's a storm, snow, or hurricane, ensure your yard and home are secure. Secure loose items and create a safe indoor space for your dog to retreat.

The Importance of a Good ID: In case of emergencies, especially during unpredictable weather like hurricanes, an updated ID tag is vital. It's their "call my family if I'm lost" lifeline.

Comforting Items for Various Weather: Extreme cold or the anxious anticipation of a hurricane can be soothed with familiar items. A squeaky toy, a warm blanket during cold snaps, or an old shirt can offer immense comfort.

Keeping Your Cool in All Conditions: Whether facing a snowstorm's chill, a thunderstorm's rage, or a hurricane's fury, staying calm is critical. Your dog picks up on your emotions, so a relaxed demeanor can help them remain calm, too.

Distractions for the Win: Engage them in indoor games, puzzles, or treat-finding activities. This is especially helpful during prolonged snow-ins or hurricane lockdowns.

Medication Considerations: Extreme weather events might intensify anxiety in some dogs. If you've noticed extreme fear during a blizzard, storm, or hurricane warning, consult your vet about potential medications or therapies.

Stay Informed Through Every Season: A battery-powered radio or reliable weather app can update you on snowstorm trajectories, hurricane paths, or severe temperature drops, ensuring you're prepared for anything.

Post-Weather Check: After any extreme weather event, check your surroundings. Evident snow accumulation, inspect for storm or hurricane damages, and ensure safety before letting your dog explore.


In Conclusion: Extreme weather, from blizzards to hurricanes, can be daunting. But with preparation, love, and a sense of humor, we can ensure our furry family members stay comfortable and safe. Let's face these weather challenges head-on, providing our dogs with indoor potty solutions so they know they're safe and loved, no matter what the forecast says!


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