The Convenience of Balcony Dog Potties in Extreme Weather

by Jamie Tedder on Oct 03, 2023

Gotta Go Grass - Real grass balcony dog potty for extreme weather

Extreme weather conditions can pose significant challenges for pet owners, particularly those living in apartments or urban environments. Walking your dog in heavy rain, snowstorms, or scorching heat can be uncomfortable and even unsafe for both you and your furry companion. This is where balcony dog potty, especially those utilizing real grass like Gotta Go Grass, come to the rescue. In this article, we'll explore the convenience of balcony dog potty in extreme weather and how they can make life easier for both you and your pet.

balcony dog potties

Understanding the Need for Balcony Dog Potties

Before we dive into the benefits of balcony dog potty during extreme weather, let's first understand the need for such solutions. Many pet owners live in apartments or high-rise buildings with limited access to outdoor areas. When extreme weather strikes, taking your dog for a walk can become a daunting task. Here's where a dog potty on the balcony comes in handy.

Balcony dog potties are compact, convenient, and designed to fit small outdoor spaces like balconies. They provide a designated area for your dog to relieve themselves without the need for a traditional outdoor walk. Now, let's explore the advantages of these potties, particularly when dealing with extreme weather.

  1. Sheltered Relief

Extreme weather conditions can range from heavy rain and thunderstorms to blizzards and sweltering heatwaves. In such scenarios, providing your dog with a sheltered space to relieve themselves is essential. Balcony dog potties offer this shelter, allowing your pet to stay dry during rain or find shade during hot weather. Gotta Go Grass's interlocking trays create a protected area where your dog can comfortably do their business without exposure to harsh elements.

  1. Real Grass for Comfort

Gotta Go Grass stands out because it uses real, farm-fresh grass. When your dog steps onto this real grass, they feel more at ease because it's a natural and familiar surface. This can be especially important during extreme weather when dogs may be hesitant to go outside. The comforting feel of real grass can encourage them to use the balcony dog potty even when the weather is less than ideal.

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  1. Odor Control in Closed Spaces

One common concern with indoor or balcony potty is odors. However, Gotta Go Grass tackles this issue effectively. Their special growing process utilizes real soil to mimic nature's odor-absorbing properties. Unlike synthetic alternatives, real grass absorbs both liquids and odors naturally. Plus, Gotta Go Grass locks the soil in tightly, so there's no dirt or mess to deal with. Odors are naturally taken care of, aligning with Mother Nature's efficient odor control methods.

Setting Up Your Balcony Dog Potty for Extreme Weather

Now that you understand the benefits of balcony dog potties in extreme weather, it's essential to know how to set up and prepare your balcony for such conditions: 

  1. Balcony Preparation

Before extreme weather strikes, make sure your balcony is ready. Ensure that there are no leaks or drainage issues that could lead to water buildup. Clear any debris that might become a problem during storms or heavy winds. 

  1. Shelter Options

Consider setting up a temporary shelter or canopy over your balcony dog potty area. This can protect your pet from rain, snow, or intense sunlight. There are various pet-friendly canopy options available that are easy to install.

  1. Weather-Resistant Materials

When choosing your balcony dog potty, opt for weather-resistant materials that can withstand extreme conditions. Gotta Go Grass's interlocking trays are designed for durability, and the real grass remains resilient even in challenging weather.

Training Your Dog for Extreme Weather Use

Introducing your dog to the balcony dog potty during extreme weather may require some patience and positive reinforcement. Here's a step-by-step guide to help with the training process:

  1. Start with Short Sessions: 

Begin by taking your dog to the balcony dog potty for short sessions during good weather. Use positive reinforcement, praise, and treats when they use it correctly. 

  1. Gradual Exposure: 

As your dog becomes more comfortable with the balcony potty, gradually introduce them to it during mild extreme weather conditions, such as light rain or moderate heat.

  1. Consistent Routine: 

Stick to a consistent potty routine to help your dog understand when it's time to use the balcony potty. Be patient and avoid scolding if accidents occur during training.

  1. Shelter and Comfort: 

Ensure that your dog has shelter and is comfortable on the balcony dog potty during extreme weather. Use cues and positive reinforcement to encourage them to use the designated area.

  1. Practice and Positive Reinforcement:

With practice and consistent positive reinforcement, your dog will become accustomed to using the balcony potty during extreme weather, providing a convenient solution for both of you.

Real-Life Stories: Balcony Dog Potty Success in Extreme Weather

To illustrate the effectiveness of balcony dog potties like Gotta Go Grass during extreme weather, let's share some real-life success stories from pet owners who have experienced the convenience of these solutions. 

Case 1: Rainy Days Made Easier 

Samantha, a Gotta Go Grass user, lives in an apartment with her beloved Labrador, Max. She recalls a particularly rainy week when outdoor walks were out of the question. Thanks to the balcony dog potty, Max had a sheltered spot to do his business without getting soaked. Samantha praised the real grass surface for making Max feel comfortable even in the rain. 

Case 2: Heatwave Relief 

John and his Cocker Spaniel, Bella, reside in a city known for scorching summers. During a heatwave, John was concerned about Bella's well-being during outdoor walks. He turned to a balcony dog potty with Gotta Go Grass, providing Bella with a shaded and cool area to relieve herself. John was relieved that he didn't have to expose Bella to extreme heat. 

These real-life stories highlight how balcony dog potties, especially those using real grass like Gotta Go Grass, can make a significant difference during extreme weather conditions, ensuring your pet's comfort and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions About Balcony Dog Potty

Are balcony dog potties suitable for all dog breeds? 

Yes, balcony dog potties can be customized to suit a wide range of dog breeds. It's crucial to choose the appropriate size to match your dog's specific needs.

Product Variations: 

Gotta Go Grass Single Pack:  

Contains a Grass Mat With Tray - Dimensions: 16" x 24".

Gotta Go Grass Double Pack:  

Includes Two Grass Mats with Trays. 

Single Refill Grass Replacement:  

Dimensions: 16" x 24" (ideal for dogs weighing under 30 lbs). 

Gotta Go Grass Double Pack:  

Includes Two Refill Grass Mats - Dimensions: 16" x 24". 

Please be aware that all the mentioned options are designed to cater to various dog breeds and sizes.

How often should I replace the real grass in the balcony dog potty? 

The frequency of replacement depends on usage and weather conditions. In most cases, replacing the grass every 2-4 weeks is recommended for optimal hygiene and odor control.

Can balcony dog potty be used during winter and snowstorms? 

Yes, balcony dog potty can be used during winter. Proper maintenance and snow removal are essential to ensure your dog's access to the potty area. 

In summary, Gotta Go Grass, sourced from Bethel Farms, has been a reliable choice for pet owners in 47 states and regions. Bethel Farms, known for their leadership in sod, grass plugs, and innovation, recognized the opportunity to assist pets and their owners by creating an indoor/outdoor relief tool using their family farm's grass.

Gotta Go Grass - Real grass balcony dog potty for extreme weather

To wrap it up, when faced with extreme weather conditions, a balcony dog potty can be a true savior for apartment and urban pet owners. Gotta Go Grass's use of real grass, natural absorption, and odor control provides a convenient and comfy option for your furry companion, even when the weather isn't great. By preparing, training, and providing shelter, you can ensure your dog's well-being during harsh weather while still having the convenience of a designated potty area on your balcony. 

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